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To frequent visitor this kind is cast tear open, you should manage like where
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Time of dinner of some hotel dining room, often come Mr Li of have dinner and cummer arrive together dining-room. They cross dining-room corridor directly, will be not smoking area, in sit usually be used to sit before meal stage sit. The clerk saw busy walk over, on tea, give menu, order dishes, everything is in of in an orderly way undertake in. Abrupt, mr Li says in anger to the clerk beside him: "Area of here dispute smoking, why does somebody smoke? You run even this petty thing bad, what to still calculate hotel of 5 stars class? Go, call up your manager! " the damnation of this arise suddenly makes clerk shock not small. Say according to the clerk, mr Li is not usually such, and the day before yesterday when he still follows a few his friends to have a meal here together, sit that friend beside him is in blow a cloud, he returns buoyant.


Day and the smoke to be not smoking area somebody today manner before mirrorring Mr Li according to clerk hair, the surface looks, the guest is cast tear open smoking, it is actually " have ulterior motives " . Because of although he does not smoke, but be not cannot bear others smoking. Cross dining room directly from him, arrive to already sat to look oneself, the clerk did not press frequent visitor accost he, did not give him privilege by frequent visitor, make he loses face before cummer, cast tearing open should be dissatisfaction of have diarrhoea of hair borrowing a title just. So when we are handled, should with surname enthusiastic appellation, give privilege, record is cast tear open, the apology can make the guest feels have outer part, proper pride gets satisfaction, then abandons casting tear open. So, observation should notice in servive routine, want to undertake an analysis, want to see essence through the phenomenon, ability solves a problem truly. Additional, putting forward to change a table directly is unwise, because press behoove,the guest of this smoking changes smoking area, but if the guest rejects how to do? Change a table for Mr Li improper also, come one cannot say for sure is other local guest does not smoke, 2 because here is original,coming is blame smoking area, so Mr Li most also can refuse.

The manager handles a process should: Come to the side of the guest, at the same time conveniently on eat stage order dishes card makes clear a discount, at the same time the face leads smilingly accost way: "Hello Li Sheng, what needs what I do? " , draw out a jotter from the pocket at the same time, the side is serious of listen respectfully guest cast tear open, the edge makes a record. Wait for a guest to abreact, the director says: "Thank you to offer precious opinion for our job, we can be rectified and reform seriously, assure to won't produce similar problem next time. Affected your repast mood this, very feel sorry. Should otherwise change Zhang Tai to you now? " the mood of such Mr Li gentlemen is met for certain calm, and brandish of ground of possible special magnanimous waves say: "Calculated, notice the dot went later. "
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