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Controller, do you feel awkward?
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No matter be boss to eyeball of him be angry and fierce, still be subordinate loves to build to oneself pay no attention to, connect colleague even also aggressive, these enough makes controller awkward. After all oneself glamour " wins " respect, still rely on what might obtains? If be the respect that " wins " , how should locate again oneself?

People hates all aching, vomiting, diarrhoea feelings that make a person uncomfortable, then, thought of acetanilide, stop vomit, stop have diarrhoea. We had thought, actually, this is the protection of function of human body oneself to organ, life. Aching, vomiting, diarrhoea is telling us, the body has a disease, must keep clear of these diseases, otherwise, can endanger life. However, we are taking anodyne, sleeping pill however, this can be go from bad to worse only.

Of subordinate complain, make us uncomfortable? Of colleague censure, let us all over uneasy? Of boss rusty, let us feel awe-stricken? Did we also adopt acetanilide measure? Say for example, hit pressure with castigatory subordinate, with bespatter of ground of type of tooth grow permanent teeth, manage up kittenish. Admittedly these can settle a pressing need, but contradiction also becomes aggravated because of this, the behavior of " of acetanilide type of this kind of " , can make us more and more awkward only.

Big Yu Wang and its father Gun are compared, the key runs the rule in what mastered water at him, adopted the method of " dredge " , derive a Yellow River, let pluvial classify wadi, come thousands of years, yellow River prolonged does not cease ground disgorge enters the sea, and need not pervade everywhere excessive endangers common people. Any organizations have the law that its run, like running the rule with respect to what be just like big Yu Wang to find water. The view that we pursue, if be the moving rule that accords with water, this river returns OK and quiet freely, if we want push a reactionary policy, be immersed in heavy awkwardness possibly.

We still think others brings him awkwardness, is esteem to you can pass what might obtains? If not be, how should we win the respect of boss, colleague, subordinate?

Grasp the pattern of " water " , establish necessary standard, the problem; small gesture of the prime increase that settles subordinate plays, modest with colleague collaboration; from fine point proceed with, the government order of boss of guide or steer along its proper course, these will promote an individual glamour stage by stage, win respect automatical also.

The first, establish necessary standard, solve the problem of the prime increase of subordinate.

Modern society, necessary standard is to want some, but do not few favour is in charge of again. If the standard is too much, and too slashing, can let subordinate if do not have a standard,give birth to irritated; , like be like the Yellow River to do not have dikes and dams, can make the flood flush. Hold the measure of " necessary " , it is problem key place.
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