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Guest room ministry gains guest satisfaction 18 ask
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Guest room ministry gains guest satisfaction 18 ask

1, the door: If the door cannot normal activity is very aggravating, also can become potential safe hidden danger. If room is entered when clean room,discovery and times are repaired and ensure after door rehabilitate again this room as can rent a house.

2, illume: If you are entered,the room feels the light is darker when clean room, so our guest may some sympathize, the puts artillery piece of the position, lamp wattage that checks lamps and lanterns and switch and the working state that secure plant ensure move good.

3, bedding: The always is turned around to enter a client first by cover or sheet eye that fade or has besmirch. The first impression of the guest is too important. Report to superior and remove its.

4, central heating or air conditioning: You can feel room temperature is uncomfortable when clean room, so the guest stays inside to may have the same feeling, open air conditioning when necessary, affirm report central heating and the breakdown that air conditioning place may appear.

5, bed: If make because of mattess cave in two people are squeezed together on the bed, or because bedspring appears to hang the body easily,be, who is satisfactory? Guest room clerk discovers these problems easily when taking a sheet, appear in the newspaper in time, seasonable processing, absolve the client's dissatisfaction.

6, television, phone: One have clear TV picture into the room, you can feel very comfortable, if you can feel very comfortable, so the client also can have the same feeling. Ensure each broadcasting station of TV is very clear. If take a phone to hit,do not cause a guest to resent, so you this clerk too asymmetry duty.

7, cup: If have inside the teacup,is watermark on besmirch or buccal cup or is besmirch client satisfactory? If you are a client, are you satisfactory? The discovery when cleaning sanitation has besmirch to want to be handled in time inside cup of hot water cup, teacup, mouth, maintain cup those who provide is clean.

8, water is warm: Get clear water lukewarm it is for safety, does the water that just shed from faucet have much heat? From give water to need how long to heated? Too cold or too hot should affirm and report.

9, toilet bowl: If just develop water clean or stream is ceaselessly for many times, fast report this circumstance to engineering department.

10, do not become rusty Gang Jie provides: Ablaze do not become rusty Gang Jie has the good opinion that can arouse a client, the rag that when clean room works, uses clean every time is wiped can obtain optimal result. Avoid by all means does not undertake cleanness with any chemical article.

11, toilet ceramic tile: Maintaining whiteness to be like new ceramic tile is very not easy thing, but serving personnel to tell the room to have clean to offer a customer to guest room is or else easy thing also wants to accomplish, every time clean room wipes ceramic tile surface to be opposite regularly with dishcloth its are big clean.
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