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Duty of post of hotel high level
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Duty of post of hotel high level

One, general manager

Direct superior: Manage company, board of directors

Direct subordinate: Chief inspector of development of resource of director of the manager that be stationed in inn, general manager room and chief inspector of plan finance affairs, manpower, market sale chief inspector and general manager secretary

Post duty

Below the lead that runs company general manager, guide faculty hard to finish each to manage, administrative index, improve the service quality of the hotel and level of management in the round, improve the economic benefits of the hotel and social beneficial result ceaselessly.

The management plan of 1. establish hotel (month, season, year) , development plans to reach management guiding principle, make the management target of the hotel, direct carry out.

2. is chaired make and perfect a hotel each regulations system, build perfect interior to organize a system, harmonious and departmental door concerns, establish in-house and reasonable and effective moving mechanism.

3. studies and master the change of the market and development state of affairs, make the market extend plan and price system. Timely advance focal point of level sex job, direct carry out.

The market that 4. is in charge of a hotel in the round is extended, manpower resource development and plan finance affairs work.

The reception that 5. is in charge of important guest works, maintain the extensive connection with social all circles, model medicine of business good people inside, outside figure.

Foster and use of administrator of above of 6. responsible middle-level, superintend and director guides of the hotel groom the job.

7. starts extensive staff pool the wisdom and efforts of everyone, do well to supervise the work democratically; Care staff lives, improve the working condition of employee ceaselessly.

8. is chaired hold daily exhibit meeting, weekly regular meeting of job of 5 senior administrator or sectional manager conference and mensal workers congress.

9. reports with general manager to administrative company and board of directors the form reports the work every months, finish each job that manages company and board of directors to give.

Quality requirement:

Primary quality: Have good profession morality and the spirit that respect property, have strong sense of responsibility to the enterprise:

Perfectness hotel runs business, seasoned. Be good at learning, thought acumen, lead, have development innovation consciousness; Efficiency of be particular about, play decisive, dare to compete, be brave in to be in charge of; Style is decent, handle affairs justice, do not practice favoritism.

Natural condition: The age 35, 60 years old, healthy, facial features is regular.
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