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"My brand serves " club, evaluate employee performance
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"My brand serves " club, evaluate employee performance

Serve to encourage employee to offer more active individuation for the client, restaurant establishs " especially club of my brand service " . Hope to raise employee oneself accomplishment with this kind of means, make employee serve more deep-seated understanding to individuation, encourage employee to pass the effort of oneself, obtain the affirmation of client and restaurant, what the understanding that serves to individuation with oneself pays all behavior and trade guest settle or live in a strange place is favorable.

Xi'an founds a state restaurant will try hard these distinctly with the individual and with founding a state the brand is how-to promotion restaurant is famous degree wait to achieve the employee that accept to induct for restaurant latter, encourage them, commend they, do his utmost for example with them more employee takes an active part in this activity.

This the activity basically is investigated with client opinion and sectional employee performance is evaluated for the basis, use integral to make undertake quantifying making component, begin from April 2002, every quarter by hotel foundation integral discretion, a certain number of names become the employee that joins restaurant to behave a circumstance actually to choose an expression to highlight club member. Standards of grading is as follows:

1, in courteous service and standardization service respect expression is highlighted, insist to serve a standard to win service admiration. (1-2 cent)

If the smile serves; Normative honorific serves; Beautiful standard develops the hotel body language of individual glamour; The standard is operated and maintain service standard to wait.

2, professional knowledge is comprehensive, operation technical ability is strong be happy to help a person, make the client gets real help, cogent the milk of human kindness that let a client feel a service and individuation. (3-4 cent)

Be like: Ask not to fall, do not fall hard, fulfil his duty for restaurant and guest consider responsible and convenient guest; Assist guest enthusiasm considerate, help a guest solve a problem with the extra effort of oneself; Group spirit is strong, overall situation is attached most importance to, make with quick and convenient work efficiency the client felt understanding and love to wait.

3, moral character is exalted, active and active understanding is mixed in the job forecast a client to need sue for peace to experience, provided the overflow that lets a client feel a surprise or lead service, make the client left deep impression to restaurant. (4-5 cent)

Be like: Constant attention guest is experienced in the job, give contented interview guest experienced love and the milk of human kindness in time, those who got an accident is glad; The work is painstaking in a subtle way, pursuit character, working quality is high, make the client gets overflow serves, the client is praised substantially; Make with noble profession morality the guest is touched, wait like not pocket the money one picks up; With distinctive effort of the individual, sacrifice even individual interest won good social reputation to wait for restaurant.
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