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About a few conte of management
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One, the path of choose and employ persons

Have been to the person of temple to know, take temple door, it is cover Tuo Buddha above all, smiling face greets a visitor, and in in him, it is the Wei Tuo of black mouth black face. But according to legend is in a long time ago, they are absent same in temple, part however the temple with different administer.

Mi Lefo is enthusiastic and happy, comer is very so much, but his whats do not care, lose 3 pull 4, not well administrative Zhang Wu, still enter so not apply goes out. And although Wei Tuo is in charge of Zhang it is an ace, but shade of all day long is worn a face, too too earnest, do the person is lesser and lesser, final burning incense is broken off.

Budda discovered this problem when checking burning incense, them two put in same in temple, be in charge of public relations by Mi Lefo, laugh greet all directions guest, burning joss stick is then big flourishing. And Wei Tuo impartial and incorruptible, bead of an ancient unit of weight needs relatively, make him responsible and financial, guard a pass strictly. In two people in cooperating with division of labour, flourishing picture is sent in temple.

It is actually in the eye of Great Master of choose and employ persons, without disabled person, ace of gest of no less than, do not need rare sword, defloration flying leaf can injure a person, the key looks how to be applied.

2, parrot

A person goes buying parrot, see the sign before a parrot: This parrot is met two languages, price 200 yuan.

Before another parrot criterion mark line: This parrot is met 4 languages, price 400 yuan.

Which should buy? Two wool shade is bright, very agile and lovely. This person turns ah turn, take errant definite view.

The result discovers the parrot that often dropped a tooth only suddenly, hair color is dim and messy, mark a price 800 yuan.

This person calls up the boss rapidly: Can this parrot say 8 languages?

Merchant says: Not.

This person is strange: That why old ugly, do not have ability again, can you be worth this number?

Merchant replies: Because additionally two parrot call this parrot the boss.

This story tells us, real leader, not certain him ability has many strong, want to know faith only, understand put power, understand cherish, can unite more powerful than oneself force, elevate oneself social status thereby.

Contrary the person with a lot of very strong capability however because of too perfect creed, take care of everything oneself, what person is inferior to him, can do only finally tackle key problem best personnel, sell a delegate, cannot become outstanding leader.

3, the medical skill of flat magpie

King of article of the Kingdom of Wei asks a name doctor to flat magpie says: "3 people of your home brother, essence of life at medical skill, after all which best? After all which best??
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