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Big public house grooms examination questions
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Big public house grooms examination questions

One. Problem of fill a vacancy

The purpose that 1. grooms this is to increase the need that serves quality, also be for the need that compete and admits at the same time.

At present the difference of our hotel and hotel of other bit class is in 2. to be differred at sanitation, spend enthusiasticly insufficient, the atmosphere that cannot find astral class public house.

3. hotel guest is to point to always presence hotel or the person that consume in the hotel are hotel guest, can divide consume a guest to consume guest and blame.

The mainest product that 4. hotel offers to the guest is a service.

The characteristic of 5. hotel product is omnibus, substantivity, cannot store up quality, quality instability.

6. service quality is figure this, competitive path, the source of fortune.

6 character of 7. service quality are, functional sex, economy, security, quick sex, comfortable sex, civilization sex.

8. relies on to experience will evaluate service quality, incorporate is " 5 feeling " namely intimacy, content is worth somewhat feeling, safe feeling, convenient feeling, friendly feeling.

Service of standard of = of 9. excellent service exceeds mufti Wu.

10. excellent service is specific inclusive content has good ceremony courtesy, admirable attitude of attending to guests, substantial service knowledge, adept service skill, quick service efficiency, all ready service project, quick service way, scientific service program, perfect service facilities, reliable safety is ensured, elegant service environment, high grade food is supplied.

11. has good attitude of attending to guests, tell specificly, the clerk works to be in charge of seriously to when the guest serves, want to accomplish, active and active, enthusiasm is patient, meticulous and considerate, civilization is courteous.

12. should put an end to evade in servive routine, deal with, perfunctory, prevaricate, chill, light thin bamboo strip, cheesed, be proud free, be indifferent to.

13. is in hotel servive routine, cause two problems that the guest complains are attitude of attending to guests the most easily to complain; 2 be service efficiency complain

The international standard that clerk of 14. guest room arranges guest room everyday each is 16-18, domestic level is 10-15, the standard time that trims a guest room is 25-30 minute.

15. guest temporarily acquisition is additional the service is finished inside 10 minutes commonly.

16. total stage is recieved should accomplish when the guest is the busiest receive one, answer 2, accost 3.

Two when 17. should abide by to customer respect radical point of views are one. The client is sacred, it is parents of our back and belly, 2 clients are right forever.
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