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The skill of the service
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Total stage of antechamber of guesthouse of the ability in gold coast, trainee Shan Miss Shan of vocational school of Shijiazhuang travel external affairs is on duty. At this moment, came a gentleman, the Zhan general manager that says to want to look for guesthouse to Shan Miss Shan. Shan Miss Shan says: "Good, gentleman, which unit are you excuse me? How appellation you? " on guest newspaper oneself unit and full name, shan Miss Shan says again: "Gentleman, ask you a bit, I am contacted for you. " the telephone call that then Shan Miss Shan called general manager office, the person happen to that pick up the telephone is Zhan Zong manager, but the guest is beside. Trainee Shan Miss Shan says cannily " hello, I am total stage, is excuse me Zhan Zong manager in? " have such-and-such unit such-and-such gentleman looks for her. Zhan Zong director lets, understood the intention of total stage young lady, whether does leisurely decision receive this visitor then.

Review analyse:

As the general manager of guesthouse, attend to numerous affairs everyday, it is impossible to recieve all coming to visit a guest at any time; Some guests can be recieved by the administrator of function branch; Still have some of guest, as a result of certain reason, general manager does not facilitate recieve. Serve personnel to have to divide green red black and write as total stage so, if find office of how-to general manager of general manager with respect to, the job of such can cloggy managers, still can make general manager very passive sometimes. If VIP guest, answer to report general manager arrangement to recieve by antechamber department manager.

The trainee of vocational school of travel external affairs in this exemple total stage young lady, very alert and resourceful, she is done not have rushed ask guest and word of general manager electrify, no matter thirty-seven thousand one hundred and ninety-one how-to guests go seeking general manager,also do not have, do not know the method that whether general manager is the office in order to pretend however, make general manager decides leisurely to whether see a customer. Although general manager decides not to see this guest, young lady of classics total stage is euphemistic explanation, also cannot harm a guest, do not make a manager passive again, it may be said satisfies both sides. In this exemple definitely stage young lady behaved very high business quality, very good courteous accomplishment and capability of very strong meet an emergency.

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