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The State Council about reinforcing the decision of energy-saving job
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Government of people of each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government, the State Council orgnaization of each ministries and commissions, each directly under:
Implement scientific progress concept for development, fulfil resource conservation basic national policy, bring a society into play each field force strengthens energy-saving job further, accelerate construction managing model society, come true " 915 " the energy-saving target that program compendium raises, progress of stimulative economy society is cogent turn to coordinate the course that can develop continuously in the round, make following decisions especially:
  One, the value that sufficient understanding enhances energy-saving job and pressing sex
(one) must energy-saving place in more prominent strategy place. Our country population is numerous, energy natural resources is relatively insufficient, average per capita has an amount far under world average level. Because our country is being changed at industrialization and town,accelerate development phase, the sources of energy uses up intensity taller, consumptive dimensions expands ceaselessly, use up high investment, high especially, the extensive of tall pollution economy grows way, aggravate contradiction of energy supply and demand and environmental pollution state. Energy problem has become the main factor that restricts economy and social progress, want the height from the strategy and overall situation, sufficient understanding makes the value that good the sources of energy works, height takes energy security seriously, can last what achieve the sources of energy development. Solve problem of our country energy, basic outlet is to hold to development and managing develop simultaneously, managing and first guiding principle, advance energetically energy-saving fall bad news, raise the sources of energy to use efficiency. Energy-saving it is to alleviate tie of the sources of energy, ease environmental pressure, ensure economic safety, implementation builds target of comparatively well-off society and the inevitable alternative that can develop continuously in the round, reflected the substaintial demand that scientific progress watchs, it is a long-term strategic mission, must place in more prominent strategy place.
(2) must regard current pressing job as energy-saving job. In last few years, because economy increases manner change lag, high cost can industry growth is too rapid, specific power consumption of unit gross domestic product rises, especially this year first half of the year, the sources of energy uses up growth to grow quickly still at economy, energy-saving working face faces greater pressure, the situation is very grim. Various places, departmental door should understand the pressing sex that strengthens energy-saving job adequately, enhance hardship consciousness and crisis consciousness, enhance historical sense of responsibility and mission sense. Want to regard a current urgent task as energy-saving job, include various government important the order of the day, cogent next great strength, take strong step, ensure implementation " 915 " the target of energy conservation, stimulative countryman economy fast develop very again.
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