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Hotel industry is energy-saving regulations
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This energy-saving regulations is to carry out the State Council " good about doing construction is managing model the announcement that key of social near future works " (the country sends <2005>21 signal) in " begin in guesthouse ' contend for start green restaurant ' activity " indicate spirit and make, aim to advance the green restaurant that with resource safety of managing, environmental protection, food attachs most importance to a dot found, consult for the enterprise carry out, encourage and support an enterprise to innovate ceaselessly on this foundation.

General principles

Natural resources of the first managing energy is domestic hotel industry founds green restaurant, achieve the efficient way that whole society can develop continuously and important step. This regulations aims to be publicized to the enterprise and gain ground domestic and international newest managing technology and administrative method, management of energy of aggrandizement of cogent help enterprise controls capacity, begin effectively energy-saving fall bad news works, reduce company operation cost, protect good environment.

This the 2nd regulations urges broad restaurant company

Controller continues to offer feasible proposal, work with abounding the managing control of the sources of energy ceaselessly, in order to promote whole industry the ceaseless development of energy-saving job and development.

The 3rd energy-saving job is familiar with again and master the moving state of this enterprise, method and practical administrative technology manage in what science applies on this foundation, implement effective incentive policy, the key is to want a thought to take seriously, complete member participate in, perserve, innovate ceaselessly.

The 4th daily every actual wear out condition that records of all kinds the sources of energy on time, labor whole specific power consumption changes, find out the main factor that the sources of energy uses up. The proposal builds the sources of energy to use up mathematical model.

The 5th accurate control each bad news of the enterprise can equipment, spend energy size and time.

The 6th change according to season or other condition is adjusted in time, optimize all sorts of using can the run time of equipment and parameter.

The 7th analyses a result according to integral specific power consumption, perfect energy-saving management system, build a branch to use can system of job responsibility, undertake assessing as outstanding achievement.

The 8th fair show waste time of branch, area can circumstance, make employee of encourage of employee understanding shunt excitation energy-saving.

The 9th year of restaurant that integrated specific power consumption exceeds coal of 5000 tons of standards, set the energy-saving government post of full-time.

Detailed rules

Public facilities and equipment are energy-saving
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