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Safe production of restaurant of hotel of Beijing star class sets (draft)
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The first to raise level of safe production of restaurant of astral class hotel, strengthen safe production to control government, prevent and reduce manufacturing safety accident, ensure people life and belongings safety, basis " law of safe production of People's Republic of China " reach concerned law, code, combine this city actual condition, make this provision.

Restaurant of the 2nd astral class hotel inside area of this city administration (the following abbreviation is hotel restaurant) safe production, applicable this regulation; Offset of concerned law, code, regulations prevents safety of equipment of safe, special type to have a regulation additionally, applicable its set.

The 3rd safe production manages, hold to safety first, precaution is given priority to, the policy that administers integratedly.

The industry that branch of director of administration of travel of the 4th city and area, county is in charge of hotel restaurant safe production working supervises technology of fire control of administrative; public security, quality wait for administration to be in charge of a branch to be in charge of hotel restaurant fire control respectively the supervisory management of safety of equipment of safe, special type.

Safe production supervisory management department is carried out to the safe production job of hotel restaurant control government integratedly, directive, harmonious fulfill safe production to supervise administrative responsibility about the branch with supervisory government.

The main controller of restaurant of the 5th hotel works to be in charge of in the round to the safe production of this unit.

Restaurant of the 6th hotel ought to abide by safe production law, code, regulations, strengthen safe production management, build, perfect system of safety production is spent, perfect safe production condition, ensure safe production.

The 7th exceeds the hotel restaurant of 300 people from personnel of course of study, ought to install safe production administration to perhaps deploy administrator of full-time safe production; Be in from personnel of course of study under 300 people, ought to deploy the safe production administrator that full-time perhaps holds two or more posts concurrently, the project technology personnel that perhaps entrusts the qualification of relevant and professional technology that has national regulation provides service of safe production government.

Restaurant of the 8th hotel ought to be taught to having safe production from personnel of course of study and groom. Be taught without safe production and groom eligible from personnel of course of study, do not get mount guard work.

Hotel restaurant ought to have a record to education and groomed circumstance, the record saves 2 years at least.

The staff of special type work of restaurant of the 9th hotel ought to concern a regulation to groom via technical safe operation according to the country, obtain special type exercise to handle qualificatory certificate, square but mount guard works.
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