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Standard of catharsis ministry standard
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Catharsis ministry washs clothes quality standard
It is better that regulations of operating sequence, technology is abided by in catharsis process. Join all sorts of scour, bleacher and acerbity white, accurate control match an amount. Control of the temperature that drops water 3 times to rinse, baric, time for washing is more reasonable. The of all kinds article after catharsis compares clean static, soft, beautiful, fleeciness. Check the amount, binding the amount is exact.
Garment of catharsis department objective runs a system
1, guest garment collection. When collection guest garment, should check clothings and wash clothes odd, affirm without by accident hind again sign after receiving sth.
2, main objective garment, after VIP guest garment or garment of important guests guest had been washed, give by sectional manager guest, in order to show special keep an eye on.
3, guest garment catharsis compensates for a system. Guest garment is washed bad, missing, coloring, when guest seek redress, by sectional manager processing, belong to via the examination solid, must make an apology to the guest, wash bad degree compensation according to guest garment, compensatory specified amount is highest do not exceed wash clothes 10 times of cost.
Duty of catharsis ministry warehouse keeper is normative
1, those who be in charge of cotton goods, guest using article is daily and custodial. All sorts of article should be classified deposit, the tabulation that register, administer is of all kinds article deposits an amount, assure all round need.
2, receive the cotton goods with clean catharsis inventory to put everyday, the code is put orderly, amount of check the amount, prevent to be in short supply.
3, fixed check, do good check record to join manager and financial staff.
4, do good article every months to use up statistic, use up business accounting, fill in business accounting forms for reporting statistics, give concerned branch.
Responsibility of catharsis department manager is normative
1, make wash clothes collection of department objective garment, cotton goods, catharsis, qualitative check, distribute the work, groom the member that send and receive, press program operation strictly.
2, build storeroom of have enough to meet need of bathhouse cotton goods to work, perfect and custodial, catharsis, reclaim wait for operating rules and administrative system.
3, superintend and director guides the member that send and receive and water district clerk make hospitable garment collection seriously, register, dozen date, catharsis, and distribute a service, assure catharsis quality.
4, make bathhouse cotton goods provide quantitative standard, newspaper manager is examined and approve and superintend and director guides warehouse keeper has done a have enough to meet need of kind of cotton goods catharsis, inventory to supervise the work by working program.
5, attend check of cotton goods of cotton goods storeroom, departmental door regularly, master amount of check the amount. Annual protocol complement replaces a plan, after sectional manager is examined and approve, the newspaper is carried out carry out.
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