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Go vacationing the international standard of the hotel and classify
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Go vacationing the hotel is not new industry, it already had year of on thousand history, in east, the hot spring hotel of China, Japan is put early in. Roman times, england built hot spring public house, it is to be a soldier to provide rest place.

Go vacationing newly the hotel should be catered to than going vacationing so the much requirement with much hotel, guest demand rose, standard nature rises. Just built a few years ago go vacationing hotel, be about it seems that outdated, what the client wants is new thing. In Hawaiian go vacationing hotel construction always is seeking new thing, from world each district, include Asian Europe, latin America is less, we go out to the generation after world study best, pass them world each district again. Two years ago Hawaiian 4 hotels can call diamond of 5 stars class to go vacationing hotel, to last year among them 3 already lost this title, because the standard promoted, and owner does not have money to undertake throwing transform and rising again, everybody no matter be,should seek new investment accordingly, new way new thing comes those who get used to this kind of standard rise, judge a star to rate to the hotel now the rigiddest standard is in the United States, only in the United States the hotel ability of 0.5% gets highest astral degree, be not worth the hotel of 2% to be able to get 4 bits.

One, go vacationing what should the hotel do

Very of the foundation, provide entertainment namely, it is built rise even if bring joy to the person, otherwise it is discussed without existence meaning, the profit in hotel of Chinese hot spring is very high, but to investor, it has high risk, because want what to understand,be joy is not easy thing, what business affairs hotel offers is efficient service, and what paying close attention to is happy.

The 2nd purpose is the union that will learn as new as development mastery of a skill or technique. Mediterranean club is passed in Europe, southeast Asia run, new definition was made on the union of recreation and study, to attract mature market they must combine recreation and study, the individual that is not the and so on of person study tennis that makes a few jobs busy is recreational skill, they are not to let professional person teach you, if your tennis is very poor, your meeting shame learns at the coach to Gao Shuiping, be in Mediterranean club, they ask geometric ratio of a few undergraduates your nice person will teach, also a few aged people learned how to use computer in the club, senile meeting has fear to new thing, in go vacationing the hotel learns to have profit very much to them in this kind of easy environment, still can be in go vacationing the foreign language learns in the hotel, if Xiamen has the public house of this kind of service, I can learn Chinese. There is the public house that learns the dish that do peaceful in Thailand, a lot of people go learning.

In go vacationing the hotel still has the demand that receives plenitude in easy environment besides loosen. Passenger liner and go vacationing the hotel is very similar, what they compete is same a market, it is one is in only maritime, one is in terrestrial, some yacht asked old professor to go lecture, open all sorts of lectures. In Hawaiian go vacationing best the hotel also begins those who tell Hawaiian culture, taletelling, the guest thinks very interesting. Still have offer motion and sports facilities technically, standard also when the river rises the boat goes up too, be like the requirement to the environment, also be high level explains distinguishing feature. Because this is right,the demand of stylist also rose. This is design of a kind of appreciation, increased investment, but extraordinary, also can bring high prestige and good-paying. Beautiful state-owned very much athlete is in go vacationing the training in the hotel, swim especially, they swim the standard that the standard of the pool is the Olympic Games, of course this must learn, but the standard is rising is a fact however.
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