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Individual catering trade supervises administrative measure
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The first is opposite to strengthen the supervisory management of individual catering trade, normative and individual catering trade door management behavior, those who guarantee customer is healthy with other and legitimate rights and interests, the health that promotes individual catering trade develops, basis state concerned law, code, make this way.
This the 2nd method place weighs individual catering trade door, it is to point to get business charter and wholesome license lawfully, those who be engaged in house of house of shop of restaurant, food, restaurant, cold drink, cafes, cafes, tangent plane, cold drinks and snacks spreading out all sorts of food such as the dot run an activity is individual and industrial and commercial door.
The 3rd individual catering trade door ought to this method is engaged in according to management activity, accept the supervisory inspection of mechanism of industrial and commercial administration.
The 4th individual catering trade door ought to be in suspension apparently in management place: (One) business charter and wholesome licence; (2) of mechanism of local industrial and commercial administration supervise inform against call shop sign.
The 5th management place must accord with following and wholesome requirement: (One) dietary store ought to have corresponding disinfection, change clothes, wash one's hands and face, daylighting, illume, ventilated, anticorrosive, dustproof, prevent fly, prevent rat, catharsis, sewage to discharge, the condition that deposits rubbish and litter or establishment; Dietary stall dot ought to have dustproof, prevent fly, disinfection, catharsis, sewage to discharge, the condition that deposits rubbish and litter is simple perhaps equipment; (2) the distance that reachs its to deposit a place to carry a provision with poisonous, ill other people; (3) maintain environment of inside and outside neat, adopt disappear to remove the measure of fly, mice, cockroach and other and harmful insect and its breed condition.
The 6th household utensils that contacts directly with food ought to accord with following requirement with the material that pack: (One) keep in storage, carry and assemble and unassemble the container of food, pack, the tool must be installed completely harmless, keep clean, prevent food pollution; (2) before tableware, drink is provided and the container of immediate entry food uses Cheng Fang must abluent, disinfection, drink is provided, after appliance is used must abluent, keep clean; The appliance of food of immediate to the contact entry disinfects without the condition, ought to use one-time appliance; (3) the packing data that the packet outfit of immediate entry food ought to use avirulent, cleanness.
The 7th unripe ripe food ought to part keep in storage, treatment, processing gives birth to the tool of ripe food to ought to part, prevent alternate pollution.
The 8th individual catering trade door ought to hold healthy card mount guard from personnel of course of study; Maintain individual sanitation; Make, when selling food, must the hand abluent; When selling immediate entry food, must use sale tool, must not contact food with the hand.
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