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Standard of sanitation of inn course of study
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1 theme content and suitable scope

The mark fiducial value such as the air quality that this standard provided guest room of of all kinds inn, noise, intensity of illumination and disinfection of public articles for use and its sanitation ask.

This standard applies to of all kinds inn. This standard does not apply to car horse inn.

2 cite standard

GB 5701 indoor air conditioning comes comfortable temperature

Standard of sanitation of drinking water of GB 5749 life

3 mark fiducial value and sanitation ask

3.1 mark fiducial value (see a table 1, watch 2)

Express fiducial value of mark of sanitation of 1 inn guest room

Restaurant of restaurant of class of project 3-5 star, class of guesthouse 1-2 star, guesthouse and blame star class air-conditioned restaurant, guesthouse is common inn hostel

Temperature, area of heating of 16(of ≥ of 20 of > of winter > 20)

28 of < of summertime < 26

Relative humidity, % 40-65

Wind speed, 0.3 of ≤ of 0.3 of ≤ of M /s

Carbon dioxide, ≤ of 0.10 of ≤ of 0.07 of % ≤ 0.1

Carbon monoxide, ≤ of 5 of ≤ of 5 of Mg/m³ ≤ 10

Formaldehyde, ≤ of 0.12 of ≤ of 0.12 of Mg/m³ ≤ 0.12

But inspiratory grain content, ≤ of 0.15 of ≤ of 0.15 of Mg/m³ ≤ 0.2

Air bacterial gross
A. Strike a law, cfu/m³
B. Sedimentation law, / ≤ of 1500 of ≤ of Min ≤ 1000 2500

≤ of 10 of ≤ of ≤ 10 30

Mesa intensity of illumination, ≥ of 100 of ≥ of 100 of Lx ≥ 100

Noise, 55 of ≤ of 45 of DB(A) ≤

Person of · of M³/(h of new wind force) 20 of ≥ of ≥ 30

Bed covers an area of an area, ≥ of 7 of ≥ of 7 of M²/ person ≥ 4

Express 2 public articles for use to clean disinfection to decide standard

Coliform of project bacterium gross group / 50mc² pathogenic bacteria / 50mc²

Tea service

The bedding on towel and bed

Face (foot) 5cfu/mL of basin, tub, seat cushion, slipper


, do not get check to go out

Do not get check to go out

, do not get check to go out

Do not get check to go out

Do not get check to go out

3.2 regular wholesome requirement

Appearance of the store appearance of 3.2.1 of all kinds inn, store and surroundings should neat, beautiful, the ground does not have the rubbish of peel, phlegmy mark.

Qing Youjian of 3.2.2 of all kinds inn's whole wholesome system.

3.2.3 bedding bag, pillowcase (towel) , the bedding such as the sheet should one guest is changed, the bedding on the bed that grows a passenger at least biff is changed. Astral class guesthouse still celebrates guesthouse of executive star class to change about bedding regulation. Clean bedding should obtain a list 2 regulations.
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