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Sanitation of meal trade provision runs way
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General principles of the first chapter

The first is the sanitation management that strengthens meal line of business, safeguard consumer is healthy, basis " Food Sanitation Law of People's Republic of China " (say below " Food Sanitation Law " ) , make this way.

Sanitation of provision of trade of meal of whole nation of director of the 2nd Ministry of Public Health controls administrative job. Service of sanitation of government of people of place of prefectural class above is in charge of the sanitation of course of study of the meal inside area of politics of one's own profession supervising management to work.

The 3rd is built, extend, rebuild meal course of study ought to be accorded with " Food Sanitation Law " concerned regulation and requirement.

This the 4th method applies to all is engaged in that meal course of study runs an activity and have the unit of fixed management place and individual, also apply to the collective dining room of unit and school.

Sanitation of the 2nd chapter manages

Operator of estate of the 5th meal must obtain wholesome license first square but to industrial and commercial administration the branch applies for to register. Did not obtain wholesome license must not undertake activity of meal already battalion.

Operator of estate of the 6th meal must build perfect sanitation to run a system, deploy the food sanitation administrator that full-time perhaps holds two or more posts concurrently.

Operator of estate of the 7th meal ought to according to " Food Sanitation Law " concerned regulation, had done mix from checkup of personnel of course of study groom the job. Management place of treatment of cause of the 8th meal ought to maintain environment of inside and outside neat, take effective measures, eliminate mice, cockroach, fly and other harmful insect and its breed condition.

All sorts of treatment of the 9th food, keep in storage, sale, safeguard that display, equipment reachs his to ship the tool of food, ought to safeguard regularly; Cold storage, refrigerant reach heat preservation establishment to ought to be cleaned regularly, deodorization, temperature indicates device ought to fixed desired result, ensure run normally and use. When operator of estate of the 10th meal discovers bromatoxism or doubt is like bromatoxism accident, must report to wholesome service instantly, preserve the food that creates bromatoxism to bring about bromatoxism possibly perhaps and its raw material, tool, equipment and site, cooperate wholesome service actively to begin bromatoxism accident investigation and processing.

Of provision of the 3rd section purchase and keep in storage

Eleventh the food that meal estate operator purchases must accord with a country to concern wholesome standard and provision. Prohibit purchasing following food:

(One) poisonous, harmful, cankered metamorphism, acid is defeated, mildew changes, foul and unripe bug, feculent, mix have a foreign body the provision with unusual character of other perhaps sense organ;
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