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Public wholesome regulation
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Public wholesome regulation

(The State Council was released on April 1, 1987)

General principles of the first chapter

The first is the public wholesome requirement with good creation, prevent a disease, ensure human body health, enact this ordinance.

This the 2nd byelaw applies to following public:

(One) inn of horse of guesthouse, restaurant, inn, hostel, car, cafe, bar, teahouse;

(2) inn of communal bathroom, barber shop, hairdressing;

(3) hall of cinema, kinescope (room) , entertainment hall (room) , ballroom, odeum;

(4) stadium (house) , natatorium (house) , park;

(5) exhibition, museum, art gallery, library;

(6) bazaar (inn) , bookshop;

(7) waiting room, wait (machine, boat) tool of room, public traffic.

The 3rd public following project should accord with national sanitation standard and requirement:

(One) air, tiny climate () of humidity, temperature, wind speed;

(2) water quality;

(3) daylighting, illume;

(4) noise;

(5) client appliance and wholesome establishment.

Public wholesome standard and requirement, be in charge of making by Ministry of Public Health.

The 4th country is right public and build, rebuild, the public optional location of extend and design implement system of " of " wholesome licence.

"Wholesome licence " is signed and issue by service of prefectural above sanitation.

Sanitation of the 2nd chapter manages

The 5th public director department ought to build sanitation management system, deploy full-time to perhaps hold two or more posts concurrently wholesome administrator, belong to management unit to place (include individual operator, similarly hereinafter) wholesome state enters go by constant sex examination, offer essential condition.

The 6th management unit ought to be in charge of runs public sanitation government, build wholesome liability system, to this unit groom from what personnel of course of study has wholesome knowledge and check the work.

The 7th public the personnel that serves for the client directly, " of hold " certificate of fitness just can pursue own job. Have sex of tuberculosis of hepatitis of sex of dysenteric, typhoid fever, virus, activity period, fester skin disease of oozy perhaps sex and other be a hindrance to are communal of healthful disease, the job that serves for the client directly must not pursue before curing.

After the 8th management unit must obtain " of " wholesome licence, square but to industrial and commercial administration the branch applies for to register, handle business license. Before this byelaw is carried out already of practice, after must checking and accept qualification via orgnaization of wholesome epidemic prevention, reissue " of " wholesome licence. "Wholesome licence " two years of check.

The 9th public because do not accord with wholesome standard and requirement to cause,endanger healthy accident, management unit should appropriate processing, reach times to accuse orgnaization of wholesome epidemic prevention.
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