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Industry of Chinese travel hotel is normative
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Industry of Chinese travel hotel is normative

(Association of trade of Chinese travel hotel was promulgated in March 2002)

General principles of the first chapter

The first fulfils sincere letter criterion to advocate, ensure the legitimate rights and interests of guest and travel restaurant, uphold the normal order that battalion of travel restaurant already administers, the health of industry of hotel of stimulative China travel develops, country of basis of association of trade of Chinese travel hotel concerns law, code, make especially " standard of industry of Chinese travel hotel " (the following abbreviation is " standard " ) .

Restaurant of the 2nd travel includes the hotel of all sorts of economy property in Chinese churchyard open, contain guesthouse, public house, go vacationing the village (the following abbreviation is restaurant) .

The 3rd restaurant ought to abide by a country to concern law, code and regulations, abide by social ethic, sincere letter is managed, defend the reputation of industry of Chinese travel hotel.

The 2nd chapter is booked, register, enter

The 4th restaurant should fulfil accommodation contract jointly with the guest, cannot fulfil bilateral accommodation contract because of force majeure, any one party all ought to inform each other in time. Both sides has an agreement additionally, press conventional processing.

The 5th restaurant as a result of what appear to be booked above quota and make book a guest to cannot be entered, restaurant ought to arrange this locality actively to be the same as class for the guest or the restaurant of this restaurant class enters prep above, the concerned cost that produces is assumed by restaurant.

The 6th restaurant ought to be the same as group, conference, grow a guest to sign housing contract. Contract content should include a guest to wait for money into grade of the time that live and leaves store, room and price, meal price, payment, responsibility of breach of contract.

When the 7th restaurant is dealing with a guest to enter stop add, ought to the concerned regulation according to the country, requirement guest shows effective certificate, register according to the facts.

Restaurant of the 8th the following circumstance need not grant to recieve:

(One) the person that the article that carries harm restaurant safety enters store

(2) the person that be engaged in violating an activity;

(3) the person that affect restaurant figure (be like) of the person that carry an animal; ;

(4) insolvency or ever had had escape Zhang registrar;

(5) restaurant repletion;

(6) the other condition that law, code sets.

Restaurant of the 3rd chapter collects fees

The 9th restaurant ought to express room value park total information desk prominent place, the person that offer a customer is referenced. If restaurant offers guest house price the discount, ought to written agreement.
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