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Building adornment decorates management to set [2]
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Building of the 4th chapter decorates the quality that decorates a project and safety

Unit of unit of the 16th construction and design, construction must handle affairs according to infrastructure government program, standard of technology of security of the quality inspection criterion for evaluation that carries out building adornment strictly to decorate, construction and check and accept relevant specification and the regulation such as the standard.

Adornment of the seventeenth building decorates unit of design, construction to must carry on according to concerned regulation adornment decorates design and construction job.

Building adornment decorates an enterprise must according to blueprint construction, do not get do sth without authorization to alter blueprint paper.

Adornment of the 18th original building decorates need to tear open when changing a structure, those who decorate the integral sex that decorates a design to must assure a building, aseismatic sex and structure is safe.

Whole dangerous building does not get adornment to decorate.

To serious damage and the house that have danger feeling, should in the van is reparative consolidate, achieve after live and using safe condition, fangke undertakes decorating decorating.

Adornment of the 19th building decorates design, construction and material to use, must abide by building adornment strictly to decorate fire prevention standard. After the adornment that finish decorates construction blueprint to design, construction unit must be held " construction permit " design blueprint with construction, branch of fire control of newspaper public security undertakes approve of fire control safety.

Adornment of the 20th building decorates an enterprise to must take step, the pollution of litter of all sorts of dust that dominate construction scene, waste gas, solid and noise, vibration to the environment and harm, protect the normal life of people, job and person security.

Safety of the 21st quality supervises an orgnaization ought to according to relevant specification, undertake to building adornment to decorate a project quality and safety are supervised.

After building adornment decorates project complete, must supervise orgnaization attestation qualification via quality, do not grant to check and accept otherwise.

The 22nd is executed first illuminative residence project, should issue strictly according to construction ministry " complete of the adornment at the beginning of residential project checks and accept method " check and accept assess.

The 23rd building decorates those who decorate project happening grave accident, by government of people of place of prefectural class above construction administration is in charge of a branch to investigate processing jointly with concerned branch.

Responsibility of law of the 5th art of composition
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