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Restaurant deformity establishment standard detailed rules
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* special parking lot or car: Set deformity establishment standard, car rely on guest room closely.

* passageway: Gate passageway is in ramp contain at the same time chain or armrest baluster, gradient with exceeding 8 ° advisable, lead to establishment of old hall, total stage, bar, guest room, dining-room, recreation all trouble-free, deserve to have the deformity wheelchair of certain amount, use freely for the disabled.

* elevator: Install pushbutton of horizontal setting of types aptly, height is unfavorable more than 1.5 meters.

* guest room: Trouble-free discrepancy, the width of the door is unfavorable be less than 0.9 meters, unfavorable installation closes the door implement, or installation other has the plant that closes performance automatically. Be in respectively on the door height contains 1.1 meters with 1.5 meters of place peek lens, door catenary height does not exceed 1 meter, the both sides of the bed contains armrest, but should not be too long, should go to the lavatory the guest goes up from deformity car go to bed.

* toilet: The entrance does not have step, toilet door width is unfavorable be less than 0.9 meters, the door and lavatory the space between is apart from not less than 1.05 meters, height of mesa of the basin that wash a face is controlled in 0.7 meters, mesa of the basin that wash a face issues the fraise such as the conduit that should move without influence deformity car. Sit implement height is controlled for 43 centimeters, sit implement the horizontal way armrest that a side controls of 70 centimeters.

Armrest of * bath crock: Contain in side of bath crock side armrest, the armrest that there is about 60 centimeters tall from the ground perpendicular way in the wall body jacket of side of bath crock side; The armrest that to be apart from bath crock in height plane controls outfit standard way 20 centimeters; Place outfit armrest should be installed firm, can bear 100 kilograms of right-and-left pulling force.

* towel rack reachs clothes-hook: Height is unfavorable exceed ground height 1.2 meters.

* shower gush drenchs: Of slip or adjustable gush drenchs implement, deserve to have 1.5 meters or so long metal collapsible tube.

Electrical outlet of * electric equipment: Height is unfavorable more than 1.2 meters.

* fire alarm: Divide outside waiting for aural warning apparatus of fire control cough, still should contain can inspect plant of sexual fire alarm.

* communal toilet: Trouble-free discrepancy, every lavatory area 1.2 meters of not less than × 0.9 meters. Suit device sliding door, lavatory the width of the door not less than 0.9 meters.

* curtain: Appropriate installation is electronic-controlled curtain, pushbutton height is controlled for 1.2 meters.

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