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Year unscrambles: Travelled 2007 the market 10 big heat
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The sonata that travel consumed listen respectfully 2007, highest tide has been shown in our brain. Make a comprehensive view the travel big event this year, last year a few guess greatly, we listed the 10 big heat of 2007 travel market, see you together last year guess whether had gotten confirm.

Subject matter of 1 Olympic Games becomes heat keyword

Olympic Games entrance ticket the first, the 2nd phase sells begin, took a wave to swim the climax of Beijing. Choose Beijing, because major tourist wants to see the new Beijing of Olympic Games edition ahead of schedule,be. Accordingly, this tourist attraction arrangement is with the Olympic Games place is given priority to mostly, cubic metre of bird's nest, water is Chongzhongzhi more heavy. Although these two place still do not have complete complete, but exterior outline already shaped, its construction site becomes project of Beijing's new mark sex travel already. In addition, the hotel lodges during the Olympic Games that has begun a sale, the visitors that also lead so that prepare to come to Beijing watch the Olympic Games, travel agent be eager for doing sth that is in charge of welcoming Olympic Games visitor.

Heat 2 deepness character swims suffer take seriously

Be opposite as people of travel circuitry acknowledge mature gradually, more and more tourists begin the deepness of requirement circuitry and character. Shop too much before, at one's own expenses project and with anticipate character differs very far have a level, let experience " special offer is round " tourist suffering can'ts bear character. Right now, people selects the price gladlier tallish, but quality has assuring line. A lot of travel agent began promotion not to have shopping high quality circuitry last year, make consumer is benefited not only so, tourism also competes the trend normally.

Heat 3 online travel are more welcome

It is asinine friend not just, most now person goes out the search can get online before the journey " × × city is worth excursive tourist attraction most " , " special local product of × × ground, big eat " . Experience can visit his to be on forum after a lot of tourists are travelling " bask in " piece, share with the netizen. The comprehensive, never is the same as flank depict destination journey data on the net, more intuitionistic and objective, be in travel agent in seeking advice, get hard. Pass a network to be able to understand situation of the traffic of destination, accommodation, meal not only, still can be when the line that sees oneself are interested order an aircraft on the net immediately ticket, hotel or it is circuit. Online order the low discount that often can enjoy a line to fall to be obtained hard, it may be said is " cheap and fine " , more the demand that accords with a tourist.

Heat 4 swim the United States is worth to expect most

Before before long, chinese citizen swims the United States has entered a negotiation the 2nd round, next year United States becomes the odds of new travel destination to soar. Although also many business affairs groups go to the United States now, but as a whole, ocean the other shore still did not open mysterious veil all the time. At the appointed time, manage leave the country swim of business each are big travel agent, management strategy will be transferred somewhat. Once shape,the United States swims, will bring new surprise to people. New York, Xiyatu, Florida... these familiar ground famous generals but bona fide appears in people at the moment.
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