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Who turns the conduct a sightseeing tour into " of market of travel of fluorosco
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Force to shop, ask for shrink of fee, journey, the backside that in our country travel market warms up increasingly, tourist guide industry glides in quickness however from trade figure, the doubt that the tourist serves to the tourist guide and bad-mouth also grow day and day, evolve into the distrust that is pair of industry whole even.

Why tourist guide group becomes travel market contradiction to accumulate " powder keg " ? An a variety of industry backside expose in the forum of first tourist guide of countrywide that held in Guiyang a few days ago " go regular " show, be the administrative system of unusually intense market competition and opposite lag, force tourist guide and travel industry step by step went up to be in a dilemma " crater " .

Tourist guide: "Culture ambassador " or " the expert that slaughter a guest " ?

"Culture ambassador " " urban calling card " , this ever was to the tourist guide happiness of this one occupational is evaluated. But nowadays, the tourist guide figure in doing not have memory of a few consumer probably can be contacted with these vocabularies, those who replace is to give the heart before travel to put the battle of wits in bias, journey to fight brave however, dissatisfaction complains after coming back.

Regard industry of a travel as tall canal, home of China International travel agent swims nimble of Zhang Ling of headquarters vise general manager feels anxious to travel market current situation. He says, regard travel as the person that mobile coordinator and information are delivered, tourist guide and the brand image be closely bound up that portray travel destination and travel agent, but the tourist guide sells at a discount greatly however in the figure in consumer memory nowadays. A lot of tourists think the tourist guide is to guide buy, sole purpose is from on tourist body many hijack.

Make eventful solid proof, at present tourist guide industry appears really a lot of cannot evasive problem, the change of industry government pattern and a few " black tourist guide " " wild tourist guide " disturbed market more drama this kind is contradictory. Glad of elder brother of king of prexy of Zhejiang travel profession says, in last few years travel market appears an unprecedented prosperous situation, and social evaluation spends tourist guide occupational to be in however drop quickly. On one hand a lot of people think the tourist guide is a doorsill not tall, income quite the profession of abundant, cheesy scene, because this appears ceaselessly,card of tourist guide qualification enters oneself for an examination upsurge. But on the other hand, the tourist guide inside course of study however from ridicule this is " rise earlier than chicken, sleep later than the dog, jump (groove) faster than monkey, be slaughtered more miserably than the sheep " profession. The member that at present our country runs the tourist guide of qualified card has 53. 850 thousand person, among them hold tourist guide of course of study member 380 thousand much person, but the practitioner of 80 % is 30 years old of the following youths, what make a person anxious more is, the person that three-year institution of higher learning reachs the following record of formal schooling exceeds 80 % . Tourist guide industry exposes a record of formal schooling increasingly the problem such as difference of low, skill, consciousness of professional morality quality, sincere letter and service consciousness are in drop, very low to the appeal of outstanding talent.
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