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The golden week puts useless problem to lift heat to discuss a netizen to wish t
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Of the golden week put useless problem to lift heat to discuss on the net, the reporter understands from the website such as sina, Sohu yesterday, about 100 thousand netizen polls the opinion that expresses oneself, among them the netizen of 54% expresses to agree to cancel 51 golden weeks, increase the off time of other and traditional festival. The netizen of 40% expresses different desire, the hope falls in the premise that does not cancel the golden week, add traditional holiday.

Most netizen expresses, because holiday is too little,be, just created the situation with close-packed golden week, should increase mid-autumn, the holiday of the traditional festival such as Pure Brightness, Yuanxiao, can withhold traditional festival of China already, can billabong tourist. Netizens think, below current condition, the holiday that take salary comes true very hard, if cancel long holiday,do not have opportunity go on a journey more. Also the netizen expresses, if cancelled the National People's Congress that the golden week may make the Spring Festival comes home to add, carry to time liaison man also should face bigger challenge, it is more difficult to come home.

Miss Sun holds with company employee cancel the golden week, because " concentration is off the biological clock that lets her is disorder " , she does not hope one-time put so long holiday, should leave dispersedly however come, carrying midday, mid-autumn, Pure Brightness, Yuanxiao has a holiday, extend the period of leave of the Spring Festival again a few.

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