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Week of 3 pieplant gold is likely apportion gives traditional festival to be adj
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51, 11 wait for apportion of golden week hopeful to arrive in red-letter day of other people convention. Yesterday, office of information of national tourism bureau confirms, active off system force will be adjusted, new off plan already proved level to finally at present, hopeful reports countrywide National People's Congress to discuss through.

Office of information of national tourism bureau tells a reporter about chief, relevant section had made survey to golden week system, many expert, scholar includes the masses to be on this matter each airs his own views, at present this matter is in last survey in, stay the branch is examined and approve related the newspaper.

Chief of national tourism bureau discloses, the problem of golden week system is discussing all the time in, although have not adjust a plan certainly at present, but if be operated formally, the fastest hopeful begins to adjust from the golden week of next year Spring Festival, probable 3 pieplant holiday apportion of Jin Zhou arrives on the Chinese convention red-letter day that has typical sense, for example: Mid-autumn, upright midday, and hopeful is perfected take salary off make.

This official shows, 3 golden weeks are at present longer and centralized holiday can give area of scene of a few travel, tourist attraction to bring recieve pressure, do not spend the golden week the reservation of this one active and off system, and will traditional festival is added for legal holiday, need to decide through studying ability cautiously, the specific plan that concerns new off system fails to announce.

Do statistic according to countrywide holiday, during 11 golden weeks, beijing the Imperial Palace recieves a quantity 4 days to exceed continuously most high capacity, of the scene area such as the 8 Great Walls that amount to mountain, Summer Palace recieve a number also year after year increases. For avoid golden week occurrence tourist quantity exceeds scene area to bear the weight of the circumstance of the quantity, area of a few scene implements the provision that time-sharing of tourist set limit to enters ahead of schedule.


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