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National tourism bureau says to whether have not adjust 51 long holidays certain
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In the light of have medium about " new off plan enters final proof 51 golden weeks may be removed " report, zhang Dong of section chief of office of information of national tourism bureau was accepted yesterday when interviewing, express, of gold circumference false system adjust plan to still be in research, will adopted which kinds of plan finally certainly at present. "National tourism bureau and hair change appoint wait for a branch to already grew false system issue to undertake long-term survey to adjusting the golden week, at present already will all sorts of adjustment plan collect reports the State Council, because final plan is not definite still, whether should report countrywide National People's Congress to discuss still also cannot decide. Whether should report countrywide National People's Congress to discuss still also cannot decide..

Zhang Dong expresses, national tourism bureau adjusts a problem to undertake survey from what long to the golden week holiday begins a few years ago, already consult a variety of opinions of each respect such as company of expert, travel and tourist, at present national tourism bureau has reported these opinion collect the State Council, will examine and approve finally by the State Council adjust plan certainly.

The reporter understands, the adjustment that at present the expert puts forward golden week opinion is differ, but cry is highest is to use system of the New year holidays that take salary to replace existing " the golden week " system, increase what traditional festival is legal holiday to offer. According to this kind of opinion, "51 " , " 11 " gold circumference false system will cancel, and Spring Festival golden week will be withheld. That is to say, now " 51 " " 11 " legal holiday is 3 days, total day number is 6 days, these 6 days of legal holidays give our country traditional red-letter day arrangement, but these holidays should allocate what festival finally, the expert still is put in tremendous controversy.

Zhang Dong explanation says, "Gold circumference holiday is divided actually now for two parts: 3Legal holiday mixes the day 4 days to adjust the general holidays day of overlay. Adjusting plan to involve increase and decrease 3 days only the ability when legal holiday needs to report countrywide National People's Congress to approve, if be right only,day of 4 days of general holidays undertakes adjustment need not reporting National People's Congress, the State Council is OK make a decision. The State Council is OK make a decision..

Whether should cancel to also the expert expressed different view to the golden week. Liu Deqian of vice director of research center of travel of social academy of sciences thinks, the golden week grew false system to bring a few issues admittedly, but at present it is can make sure common people is real most the system of rights and interests, have the rationality that its exist. He expresses, the golden week can appear have a problem, explained common people is false to growing the pressing demand of the system, if will grow false system to arrive dispersedly in each festivals at a draught, that follows common double cease day does not have distinction, but present double cease day does not have height of occurrence go on a journey, it is thus clear that it does not suit common people go on a journey to consume. In addition, compulsive belt firewood is off the system carries out the difficulty with rise to still still have certain in our country, if cancel to grow false system,this kind of circumstance falls, the rest of common people counterpoises will not get assuring effectively.
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