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Foreign capital attacks Hefei commerce property and hotel urgently to become fir
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Under two years of much macroscopical adjusting control, countrywide estate price rises before beginning to outstrip macroscopical adjusting control instead; And release in concerned branch " outside be restricted, make " after caution, feral foreign capital is adding speed to enter China instead. Under tide, hefei estate also begins to present the state that gives foreign capital to be attacked urgently. Foreign capital uses growth to break up times last week, the Hefei difficult state that is located in road of Hefei mayor abundant casts commercial shopping square to lay a foundation. In " hear stair to ring only " after several years, shopping square begins this omnibus trade that chooses Woerma above all in Hefei eventually the pace that steps a materiality. Besides Woerma, hefei difficult state casts commercial shopping square to have the main reason that gets attention of Hefei real estate is, magenshidanli and American Simon group and difficult state cast the United States business uses buy course of study limited company together, invest 375 million yuan jointly. Magenshidanli estate fund is to rank the whole world 500 strong companies, its investment distributings 16 countries in the United States, Europe and Asian and other places and area, the property amount that since 1991 its buy through the United States and international fund is in above of 58 billion dollar. Estate fund bought Magenshidanli 2005 asset amounts to above of 8 billion dollar, financing forehead exceeds 9 billion dollar. Magenshidanli is one of Shanghai's biggest international estate investor all the time, the project that its invest in Chinese inland exceeds 30. Company of unconscious estate group is investment of the United States' largest commercial real estate, development and administrative company on the west, in the United States 40 cities reach many Li Ge in all hold (or have partial rights and interests) 294 place property, basically include store of discount of regional shopping center, famous brand, shop recreational recreation center. At present group market prise restrains 39 billion dollar. These two provide representative foreign capital tycoon to show a body in Hefei quite in the whole nation, make clear undoubtedly, mid city real estate is being permeated of foreign capital further. In fact, since this year foreign capital quickened the pace that invests in Hefei apparently. Before Magenshidanli and American Simon group appear, group of hotel of sweet case lira had fallen child Hefei. The data that publishs according to bureau of Hefei city statistic shows, company of development of Hefei city estate reached the designated position 2006 capital thirty-seven billion seven hundred and ninety-three million yuan, grow 33.0% compared to the same period, use foreign capital among them 407 million yuan, drop compared to the same period 6.4% . Now year first half of the year, the estate that Hefei city reachs the designated position develops capital to be twenty-eight billion six hundred and forty-nine million yuan, grow 26.4% compared to the same period, use foreign capital among them 330 million yuan, grow 1.1 compared to the same period times. Commercial property and hotel become first selection to enter circumstance of Hefei real estate to look from the closest foreign capital, commercial real estate and hotel industry become the target of their first selection. Sweet case lira is in go hill road takes below one with many yuan 3500 more than mus of 40 land, undertake the construction of hotel of 5 stars class. Magenshidanli and the Hefei difficult state that unconscious group place invests on the west cast collect of commercial shopping square to shop, recreational, recreation and meal at an organic whole, shopping centers flavour is dye-in-the-wood. According to reporter understanding, commercial real estate, high-grade office building and high-grade residence project are foreign capital the main investment target that is in China. Magenshidanli is in the expression of Hefei, compare be identical with behavior of one of be linked together undoubtedly. In the Hefei that high-grade office building lacks relatively, commercial real estate and high-grade residence are their first goal. At the beginning of this year, director of research center of estate of Beijing Normal University direct Fan Yingben newspaper invites once predicted in Hefei, foreign capital adds speed to enter will be the feature with Hefei new real estate. This one prophecy is becoming reality. The six ministries and commissions such as construction ministry were released in July 2006 " the opinion about admittance of foreign capital of normative estate market and management " , mix with the standard guide real estate reasonable use foreign capital. However, the rate that foreign capital enters real estate first half of the year this year is rapidder. This year first half of the year, the proportion that real estate uses foreign capital actually to occupy whole nation of the corresponding period to use foreign capital amount actually is achieved 24.1% , than 2006 annual proportion increases nearly 11 percent. The estate of the corresponding period of growth rate far outclass that foreign capital uses in estate development investment develops the growth rate that invests itself.
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