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Loss of tourist blowout tourist attraction crosses half netizen to hold with wit
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Ring down the curtain as the 25th golden week, lift again socially right " the golden week " put useless dispute. Media coverage says, official of national tourism bureau discloses, new off plan already proved level to finally at present, stay only National People's Congress of newspaper whole nation is discussed through, main ethical tradition festival will be brought into legal holiday. Early before message personage discloses, will cancel henceforth " 51 " the golden week, holiday day number reachs share upright midday, wait for ethical convention red-letter day mid-autumn.

To this, guangdong most travel agent thinks, alleviate through cancelling the golden week to reduce the loss of travel tourist attraction to reach the reception of the relevant industry such as accommodation, meal ability, the likelihood is the practice of give up eating for fear of choking-refrain from doing sth necessary for fear of a slight risk. Travel agent proposal adjusts 10 days through will growing false time or longer, that tourist nature need not center go on a journey, also alleviated the pressure of the golden week.

In addition, the investigation on the net shows, the netizen that agrees to cancel the golden week occupied above of half the number.

   Loss of tourist blowout tourist attraction

In company of government sector, travel and consumption fashionable guiding falls, "The golden week " dimensions of domestic travel market is rapid and outspread. According to the statistic that countrywide holiday does, this year " 11 " after beginning, beijing the Imperial Palace recieves a quantity 4 days to exceed continuously most high capacity, of the scene area such as the 8 Great Walls that amount to mountain, Summer Palace recieve a quantity to be accused in succession " crowded " . The visitor that for avoid every golden week shows surely " blowout " circumstance, sichuan is famous travel tourist attraction channel of 9 stockaded village this year " 11 " must not below indolence " fierce medicine " , execute time-sharing of tourist set limit to to take the provision of channel first. Golden week acme, decline urgently afterwards, make travel tourist attraction likes experience " convulsion " , transfer smoothly on management of very difficult implementation. What make a person anxious more is, loss of the environmental pollution that brings from this, tourist attraction " sequela " , cost is estimated hard. Bear besides the tourist attraction weigh, the golden week gives alien to count increase sharply to still bring a way difficult, accommodation difficult, have dinner it is difficult, difficult to buy a ticket problem of sociality waiting for extensive.

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