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Where does the golden week go to after travel is the most economical
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The golden week, airline ticket goes up madly, poll is completely in camera lens, have a meal cannot find a place... a lot of clever people would rather be in " 51 " during earn an overtime. After the golden week passes, those popular travel destination, circumstance how? Of the epicurean popular recommend Yang Shuo the street basks in travelling expenses on the west: "51 " pure appreciating travel round value 4 days is 2900 yuan rise, the price after the section is 2300 yuan rise, differ full 600 yuan. The street is in on the west the golden week does not ramble, you can follow each bustling tourist to roam only in be continuous incessant travel tastes stall, in the street and stand, place a POSE, not the tourist of sensible always can rush into camera lens eye shot. Go Yang Shuo, how can little cent is then quiet with carefree, be in then large quantities of in relief new moon of large quantities of travel round evacuate when, ground of leisurely of my earnest earnest came. The street just shows the Yang Shuo after the section on the west its are ecru. Have two things only here, sleep with bubble. Sleep, can be in anyplace, by the side of Li river, inside hotel, in bar, it is some pew on the street even go up. Have one's sleep out, the day is black also, come over a bubble of a bar next, hear the story of each hero, next foolish foolish ground laugh. Now and then the mood came, flower a few money hire a bicycle is right choice, spring of butterfly of course of along the road and the river that encounter dragon, down labyrinthian country alley rides, as if the world does not have an end. Roadside has farmhouse dish restaurant, the green vegetable that have just was dug in earthy chicken and ground, the stomach that lets you also enjoyment. Also can drift with the tide on Li river, see sunset in lunar hill towards evening... this is impossible to happen in the city. Need You Jing nods: Yang Shuo on the west river of Li of street, row, Xing Ping is ancient hill of float of the town, river that encounter dragon, big banyan, moon. Strategy of go on a journey of in relief new moon ■ the station austral Shanghai everyday hair of 3 fast train goes to Guilin, k181 second 8: 54, morrow 8: 33 arrive; K181 second 16: 19, morrow 15: 21 arrive, k537 second 17: 02, morrow 14: 24 arrive, fare is spread in lying forcedly 341 yuan. ■ there still are a few Shanghais after age aviation section - Guilin 299-399 yuan (do not contain 130 yuan of tax) special offer airline ticket, shanghai 19: 20 rainbow bridge takes off, guilin 22: 20 fly return Shanghai. ■ Guilin arrives Yang Shuo everyday 8: 00-20: 00, in having at any time cling to the car goes there and back, 60-80 minute car Cheng, fare 15 yuan. Small endowment emotional appeal person popular recommend of Yunnan Li Jiang to bask in travelling expenses: Kunming Dali Li Jiang " 51 " the price is 4280, the price after the section is 3280 yuan. Differ 1000 yuan oh. Of in one's heart small endowment it is to want those who come out to be basked in slowly in Li Jiang. Be in the place with this caky days, raise an offer old siheyun lives on the west below, carry a cup of coffee, whats do not think, languid is baking the sun lazily. Here, you need not know a way even, want to follow that crystal river only. Li Jiang's night is lively, the person of all corners of the land is met gather together is together, peddle sound and tourist put a song as one falls, 3 more in the middle of the night also brandish comes loose not to go. Li Jiang's early morning is quiet, let a person touch quietly, the green flag street of roric give a dinner of welcome, now and then beside sound of the small bell since the noise, it is a train of horses carrying goods bites dingdong becomes had gone. Need You Jing nods: Grind greatly snow mountain of dragon of ancient town, jade, tiger jumps gorge, stone rouses the Yangtse River the first bay, bundle river ancient town. Small endowment alone Hang Lijiang is complete the strategy looks for a satisfying hotel in Li Jiang Shanghai of strategy of Li Jiang go on a journey comes Li Jiang journey is distant, the proposal goes there and back by plane, li Jiang of non-stop flight to of the Shanghai after the section, have 3 flight numbers everyday, consult valence is folded for 6-7, one-way 1460 yuan rise (do not contain) of 130 yuan of duty.
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