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Tianjin century peaceful amounts to business affairs hotel August push forward c
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Nearly two years, suffer Olympic Games and development of seaside new developed area to open it is good to wait for a variety of benefits element influence, tianjin makes the central point that pay close attention to domestic and internationally and invests. According to concerning sectional statistic, 500 strong companies of world already entered Tianjin for the most part now. Provide extremely among them representative is airport of new developed area of seaside of settle of line of general assembly of China of empty guest A320 content shedding machines an area. As the rapid development of liaison man of time of Beijing ferry city, the current distance between Beijing ferry will shorten 2008 in half hours of less than, two ground contact is extremely convenience, accordingly, the development of Tianjin is invested the guest's attention above all by the capital. Begin from 2006, large quantities of Beijing clients go to Tianjin buy course of study and investment. Be located in the seaside new developed area investment that has area of development latent capacity extremely real estate is their first selection. As we have learned, this year first half of the year, numerous capital values the product of apartment of type of a hotel that is located in position of forward position of seaside new developed area- - century peaceful amounts to business affairs hotel. End in August 2007, already many 30 Beijing invested a guest to buy the boarding house of this project. Amount to introduction of salesperson of business affairs hotel according to century peaceful, this project can get the welcome of capital consumer, basically have reason of all directions face. It is they value this property to appreciate tremendously latent capacity. This project borders seaside new developed area, according to Tianjin airport content shedding machines area and empty guest A320 to produce base east, on the gold corridor that ranks Tianjin urban district to lead to seaside new developed area again, extremely advantageous situation decided it will have tremendous development latent capacity; Next, it is this project high speed of pond of proximate Beijing ferry, communication is particularly easy, have car Cheng of 1 hour only to Beijing; Capital client values the 3rd reason that century peaceful amounts to, it is the structure style with individual public house of business affairs of type of property right of class of this 4 stars, century peaceful amounts to business affairs hotel by style of 3 Europe type classical structure is comprised, discuss politics hall and Pan Ke of British London emperor to pull Si Huo with Belgian Brussels palace, France the station is original to be made meticulously, pure and honest European building culture gifts century peaceful amounts to the exalted figure that glow. Century peaceful amounts to business affairs hotel is the hotel of Europe type style with Tianjin at present only market, and the sell like hot cakes as a result of Tianjin market, current and only apartment of more than 200 high-quality goods. Accordingly more show rare be short of and precious. Its 4, after this hotel builds, will amount to hotel management company to be in charge of operation management by Beijing peaceful, also century peaceful amounts to investor to trust most the peaceful of famous capital amounts to a brand. Since century peaceful amounts to business affairs hotel to welcome by Beijing client, be opposite this to the purpose understands and be bought to facilitate the capital invests a guest, century peaceful amounts to business affairs hotel to decide in August 2007 the middle ten days of a month enters Beijing, what always deciding door Wai Street newly is new always outside the edifice opens the first outside sell. Current, an all preparation are exhibited to work outside this already be in order, will open to the outside world formally on August 16, recieve capital client seek advice.
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