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Tourism sole has rebounded to go up prosperous day
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In " 11 " golden week brings this year first in domestic travel height, low the travel industry that confused large half an year eventually be able to feel proud and elated. Be travelled to need those who got older rate to release by low-key since the beginning of the year, this brought the fiery of the golden week directly. Go to will travelling henceforth the trend of course of study, analytic personage is much more hopeful predict, this occurrence turn sex restores put up with, enter increasing level compared to the same period, and the travel market 2009 will have better performance. Receive the coming year inside first height   suffers snow calamity, earthquake, Olympic Games to squeeze the travel market that the numerous and adverse element such as an effect is affected and experience inflicts heavy losses on to be in the " that just goes sweeps haze eventually in 11 " golden week, greet this year first domestic travel height. According to statistic of national tourism bureau, this year 11 " of " during the golden week, the whole nation welcomes tourist in all 178 million person-time, than 2007 11 " golden week grows " 22.1% ; Implementation travel income 79.6 billion yuan, than 2007 the corresponding period grows 24.2% ; Tourist average per capita costs defray 448 yuan. Respect of travel scene area, on September 29 - on October 5, the area of 119 travel scene that brings into statistic of countrywide holiday travel to forecast a system (dot) welcome a visitor in all eighteen million two hundred and ninety-one thousand person-time, grow 13.2% compared to the same period, entrance ticket income grows 16.4% compared to the same period. The expression of market of golden week travel makes the public figure inside many course of study chief easy at a heat. Somebody person expresses, "The circumstance of 11 " golden week is right this year tourism restores, development of stimulative next year has index sex sense. "From already announced data to look, the case is relatively good, be travelled to need those who got older rate to release by low-key since the beginning of the year. "Negotiable securities researcher is cast to ever expressed solely in. Even if suffer an earthquake to affect serious Sichuan province, the travel market performance of National Day long holiday is far also good at anticipating. According to statistic, 11 " Sichuan saves " to welcome a visitor in all completely this year sixteen million three hundred and sixty-five thousand nine hundred person-time, drop compared to the same period 6.6% ; Complete province realizes travel income 6.092 billion yuan, drop compared to the same period 2.0% , this is occupied far good hereat before drop what what predict compared to the same period 20 % above. And provincial city of disaster area of great majority blame (city) travel economic norms rises apparently, the 10 blame disaster area such as Lu city recieves person-time and travel income to go more than level of year of the corresponding period. Olympic Games, short distance swims heat lasts   Olympic Games swims become this " the one big heat of 11 " golden week. Net of the journey that carry Cheng and Nielsen company released " jointly a few days ago pop chart of city of energy of life of person of whole nation of 11 " golden week is odd, beijing holds " to arrive at a person to enrage respectively most flourishing city " and " give a pedestrian to enrage most flourishing city " the first place of two pop chart, and advanced a few years the person is enraged most the city of flourishing is Shanghai. Carry light of Guo of chief inspector of degree false business to express, october all through the ages is Beijing travel busy season, this year more hold the Olympic Games because of succeeding, make the central point that domestic and international tourist pays close attention to. Nowadays, view and admire the Olympic Games place, one big popular travel that experiences the element such as Olympic Games aftertaste to become Beijing to sell a site, attracted numerous tourist to head for. Hind Olympic Games times, the host country enters a country You Ken is one big heat surely, in addition, inside course of study predict generally, can exhibit business affairs to visit also will welcome development opportunity. The growth that short distance swims also very dazzling. Guo Taijun installs Chen Xiwei to point out, in financial shrink, " 51 " grow the setting that the holiday cancels, travel structure will produce change, the growth that short distance swims makes up for the part long-distance swim, enter a country swim descendent breach. "Long nowadays holiday is little, short holiday is much, I am willing naturally to choose short distance to swim more; Photograph comparing is long-distance swim, short distance gives an arrangement more relaxed, expenditure is fewer also. "A friend of the reporter is summed up so. Rebound growth but 11 ' golden week greets "' of period     to anticipate medium rebound strong, gross earnings of travel of annual whole nation is added fast predict to be able to amount to 10%-15% . "Ceng Guang expresses. The travel that although 10-12 month will turn gradually,enters a tradition is off-season, but the travel market to the last this year quarter, analytic personage is valued generally. Zhao Xueqin of analyst of letter negotiable securities thinks namely in, winter travel hopeful is compared on year grow considerably. "Track according to us, travel industry saw an end June, entered July restore growth period, during 11 ' of ' , affect growth because of the typhoon except a few area less outside, the area of 119 travel scene that brings into statistic of countrywide holiday travel to forecast a system (dot) welcome a visitor in all eighteen million two hundred and ninety-one thousand person-time, grow 13.2% compared to the same period, entrance ticket income grows 16.4% compared to the same period. After 11 ' of predicting ' , the industry restores occurrence turn sex, enter increasing level compared to the same period. 9 years the industry will appear bigger rebound. "  scan widely 2009, the resident that macroscopical economy be issued to lower levels brings can control income to drop to include the consumes latent capacity adverse effect of travel product to optional consumable, make one of attention focal points. "Data of statistic of 11 " golden week also shows, leave the country swim and home is long term swim as a day, short line You Huo is cruel, expenses of expenses of average per capita is added fast put delay apparently, many researchers are active to this manner nevertheless. Zhao Xueqin points out, principal part of liver of Chinese go on a journey still is in sightseeing to swim level, sightseeing swims corresponding travel spending expenses is relatively inferior, because this travels,industry development is added to dweller income fast put the element such as delay more not sensitive. Current, travel industry still attributes sunny trade in China, travel industry is occupied mediumly in whole economy value of output lower than still be being compared, achieved only 2007 4.39% . Accordingly, it is mature that Chinese travel industry suffers macroscopical economy influence to wait than the United States for the country lesser. Even if when dweller travel consumes latent capacity to drop, can achieve viatic goal through cutting traffic and accommodation budget, and what have as a result of place of scene area oneself is rare be short of a gender, the concussion that gets compares the respect such as hotel, travel agent will the smallest, ceng Guang expresses. Generally speaking, in people journey defray 80% for airline ticket and room charge, only less than 20% for scene area expenditure. Income of our country dweller, especially the abidance of town dweller income grows, become the fundamental impetus that travel industry grows quickly. And of the solid inflict of new off system and system of worker New year holidays execute compulsively, make the dweller had more OK the recreational time that rules freely, add the work up of travel concept, become the important and positive factor that industry of stimulative China travel grows. Actually, because brigade parades course of study is stimulating consumption, expand inside main effect is had in needing, in at present outside need economic situation below the situation that austere, manufacturing industry faces dilemma, expand stimulative travel development, actively inside dot of a when need to become economy to achieve smooth growth serious put forth effort. This year in August end, national hair changes appoint wait for 6 branches to be released jointly " the directive opinion that promotes obtain employment about developing tourism energetically " , tourism development welcomes new chance. Good luck of our country tourism was more than a risk 2009, ceng Guang is analysed, regard the rising sun as the industry, tourism is in rapid development phase in our country, those who regard travel as main force is medium the spending with young fixed to travelling to already was formed crowd is inertial, and the sudden incident that can foreknow 2009 should not pass more in recent years worst 2008. Additional, the Olympic Games will get be reflectinged gradually after 2009 to the advertisement effect of travel, people will begin to get used to new off system to will promote the development of travel industry gradually, "Growth of annual travel gross earnings will be in 15%-18% . "

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