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Drive oneself travel green sale is politic
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Drive oneself swim the viatic fashion of relaxed, agile, free, individual character, while to travel agent, car the enterprise such as the club brings giant profit vacuum, also brought the sources of energy and environmental protection issue. As the social attention to the environment and opposite condition take seriously, consumer pursuit green, advocate natural consumptive state of mind is clear with each passing day, green sale is in drive oneself the application in travel appears particularly pressing with necessary, environmental protection of with a view to of its requirement enterprise, bring into social long-term interests the sale system of the enterprise, develop with coming true to be able to last of economy and society.
Current, our country drives oneself travel basically includes an individual to drive oneself swim, initiative group the team drives oneself swim and drive oneself swim operation business (include travel agent) the plan drives oneself swim 3 kinds of forms. But the lag that builds as a result of relevant administrative regulations, make whole each drives the blind area that the market is in law. Because drive oneself,be travel market lacks a definite market admittance system, dividing travel agent is to allow to manage tourism Wu besides, a lot of drive oneself operation business did not travel at all from job seniority, and the country also is lacked to driving oneself the aptitude attestation of operation business and branch are examined with management; 2 it is the relevant provision that lacks the qualification that to driving oneself tourist possesses, responsibility and obligation; 3 it is lack travels to driving oneself standard of the model of car, blowdown, car condition, collect fees the regulation that wait. The lag that relevant code builds is to drive oneself the difficult problem that travels to begin green sale successfully to be faced with.
Green product is politic. Drive oneself the cross-country force that the product that travel place offers basically develops with the form that drives oneself, recreational the brigade of the brigade that go vacationing, brigade of sightseeing and self-help. The deepness travel that tourist seeks exciting, adventure, individual character and freedom through satisfying oneself from driving form experiences demand. The definition according to green commodity is knowable, drive oneself in travel a series of the level that the activity must reach green product, drive oneself in the design travel product is carried out with what green concept must pay attention to when the service with carry out. If be opposite,drive oneself standard of the road-sense of tourist, car condition, blowdown undertake detecting strictly; Had made on the way way ahead of schedule besides, the collection of the pertinent information such as weather and arrange; Do not have plumbic gas and green food on the way offer with safeguard; Drive oneself the proper motion processing of tourist life rubbish; Drive oneself the clasp between relative of travel product benefit, cut down chilly to the environment product category to wait a moment, this is the design drives oneself travel green product most postulate. Green product and service are to drive oneself the foundation of You Lu lubricious sale, because of the design of unit of this each interest relative in the product and service when offerring, answer to be captured closely " green " this theme, those who pay attention to things of pair of food, goods and materials, the sources of energy to wait is effective use the protection that reachs opposite state environment.
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