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The golden week: Have " gold " , should have more " culture "
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11 long holidays are about to end, the basis gives the statistical data of furnace ceaselessly, this will be a be worthy of the name " the golden week " . However, scholar of a few societies points out, the National Day grows a holiday, cannot be regarded as to be consumption and recreational holiday merely, people still should be in aftertaste history while, pay attention to those who enjoy culture is alimentary. National Day " the golden week " cannot have only " gold " , and faded from his memory " culture " .

Of the businessman " the golden week "
This year 11 long holidays are first after afterwards cancels 51 long holidays long holiday, the attention of a lot of people is travelling centrally, eat and drink, shop on. To seize this one profitable opportunity, bazaar hits dozen fold, let benefit, lottery, return ticket, send integral ad, make people dazzling. Reporter part sees during day, the bazaar such as new scope of operation of square, friendship is collected in Tianjin ferry, "Buy 200 decrease 100 " " full-court 5 - 7 fold " the desire to buy that sales promotion advertisement fired a lot of people looks. In Tianjin 100 fill market, so big parking lot finds parking space very hard, some cars advocate wander in the parking lot, await room. Walk into bazaar, poll assemble is moved, people is busy shop, extremely.
Be in Nanjing, also be to send lively picture. "It is the businessman is doing an activity everywhere, it is very difficult to want to search to manage quiet room. " a few days of long holidays come down, the young versatile reporter that in Nanjing an institution works complains say, "The golden week " it is the main chance that the businessman makes money, going in the eyeful on the street is the businessman's various sales promotion advertisement, let a person also be couldn't get momently quiet.
Be called " logy gets along " netizen hair post says, 11 long holidays, earn as the businessman, regard common people as cheesy bout, give no cause for more criticism. Just the National Day is a special red-letter day, if was become pure " gold " , how to say hard to avoid is a little awkward.

Festal connotation scumble
The reporter is interviewed in discovery, in 11 long holidays, people pays close attention to the connotation of body of National Day Japan rarely, regarding it as morely is 7 days of holidays, the meaning of National Day itself and connotation are chasing scumble to change.
"The commemorative flavour of the National Day is really weak now. " Wang Saichao tells researcher of observatory of Zhijinshan of Chinese Academy of Sciences the reporter: "Eve of National Day of in former years, the housetop before the door of government organization and industrial and mining enterprises is colored flag waves already, decorate with lanterns and streamers also is before dweller building namely, send festival picture. The National Day in those days often has a few to celebrate an activity, although holiday is very few at that time, but everybody is taken an active part in among them.
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