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Recreational means reflection watchs changes happily
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Every year 1/3 time is the Chinese of holiday, the recreational means nowadays no longer confine goes sightseeing at travel, many people arose even " choice length a holiday is vexed. Many people arose even " choice length a holiday is vexed..
From do not understand at first recreational, to concentration blind go on a journey, choose fitness to reason again, reunite wait for recreational means; Even if travel, also be to trot along on horseback no longer the collective of the type that watch a flower goes sightseeing, however the farmhouse of more pursuit individuation is happy, drive oneself swim etc... recreational kind happens Chinese common people ceaselessly change, refract a Chinese not only of recreational concept mature with each passing day, also mirrorred people to be opposite " happy life " understanding is multivariate with each passing day.
Tension arranges Lanzhou citizen of 62 years old to begin early to consider how to be arranged this year " 11 " the content of the golden week.
Although had retired, tension is arranged or had felt " the golden week " when just calculate lie fallow truly. Two his children already got married parturient, but the life of fast rhythm lets grandparent and grandchild 3 generation get together in the ability when holiday only neat.
"Retired time became much, also do not lack cash, do not have necessary blame to travel in the golden week. The gladdest returning is the family can eat reunion meal livelily a few times together. " to magnify father, this is recreational meaning place.
"Shop new idea of it doesn't matter, go travelling with tourism group be afraid of gather together, take grandchildren to go to house of science and technology seeing an exhibition pretty good, but want to go presumably or decide to let an eldest son rent a car, pulling family person to pull Bo Lengsi to look. Need not spend a lot of money, the family still can be loosened. " tension is arranged is satisfactory very to this plan, the frontier says Bian Xiao gets the eye since narrow one's eyes.
Pull Bo Lengsi to be located in autonomous prefecture of Tibetian of Gan Na of the Gansu Province, it is a famous Cang Chuanfo teachs fane. Set out from Lanzhou go there, want 56 hours only.
Tension is suitable on century 60 time have a job, once was Lanzhou the worker of plant of engine of one home appliance. Because be engaged in welder for a long time making, his eyesight drops very badly. When he works, often work overtime, work all night even sometimes. He tells a reporter, in that time, everybody is such, have the idea that rest hardly. Later, while clear experience rises ceaselessly to economic standard, tension arranges the arrangement that also finds working hours more and more scientific: From rest one day to arrive only every week execute double cease day, arrive from golden week system take salary off system comes on stage.
As the constant change of off system, recreational the popular topic in becoming Chinese common people to live.
"80 hind " girl Zhang Jing works in media, she thinks to lie fallow even if pursue each is in comfortable, cannot follow suit, the life characteristic that should accord with oneself and individual character hobby just go. "Working rhythm is too fast, after I come home, often also feel the mood is nervous, loosen truly hard. The attempt goes out in holiday too travel, but go which person is much, make a person disappointed and return. Spend the golden week now, I am not begged everyday very wonderful, hope only can quiet do a " curtilage female " , get online, read a book, prepare food cook, live regular life. Live regular life..
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