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Dark battle of look forward to of travel industry center: Firewood of of a surn
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A dark battle about assets of hotel of look forward to of one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two center is warming up sadly.

By September 2008, country of the State Council endowment appoint collect accountant office publicly to undertake selectiving examination to the finance affairs of hotel of guesthouse of industry of electric power telecommunication audit. "This or it is to end assets of hotel of look forward to recombines acceleration signal. " Dai Bin of assistant dean of Chinese travel academy says.

To this one conjecture, national endowment appoint Liao Jiasheng of deputy director general of statistical evaluation bureau does not wish to give the front is evaluated, but he discloses to the reporter, last year national endowment appoint one when undertake in center look forward to about guesthouse hotel circumstance feel check a result to had given heat, and reform bureau does pass on to recombine plan relevantly.

Expert estimation, the guesthouse hotel amount of subordinate of center look forward to at least 2000. National endowment appoint tongueless those who be these hotels is attributive stay to guess tremendously space.

Hotel of center look forward to recombines quickly

On September 28, national endowment appoint announce two accountant office is make choice of the finance affairs of hotel of guesthouse of industry of electric power telecommunication undertakes selectiving examination audit. The complementary estate assets that is aimed at individual industry has financial audit, very infrequent. But Liao Jiasheng thinks to discuss this matter, "Still be less than an opportunity now " .

National endowment appoint 414 article that give out, be like is this matter is germinant.

On August 8, 2007, national endowment appoint give out to center look forward to " belong to guesthouse hotel about beginning central company place kind the announcement that unit circumstance investigates " (namely 414 article) , the requirement is felt check headquarters of central industry group to reach various child the guesthouse of business investment open, hotel, recieve center, hostel, go vacationing the unit such as the village.

"(414 article) the result of this investigation came out, had given reform bureau. " Liao Jiasheng avoid talking feel the motive that check and result, push asset of look forward to weighing center to recombine matters concerned to should make related side proposal by reform bureau. The content that investigates at that time includes guesthouse hotel kind the infrastructure circumstance of the unit and financial condition, if hold establishment of ground area, form a complete set, asset,be in debt etc.

Although national endowment appoint did not make known his position clearly, the intention that surveys to this inside course of study and follow-up measure are full of interest.

"This is afraid is to end look forward to comes off further the prelude of complementary course of study. " institute of economy of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences is microcosmic Han Chaohua of economic lab director thinks, national endowment appoint since holding water, one of working centre of gravity let center look forward to namely advocate complementary course of study is separate. 2007 national endowment appoint check and ratify announced look forward to of 7 batches of center advocate limits of course of study, subsequently the likelihood makes relevant system, look forward to letting center comes off smoothly complementary course of study. A series of investigation audit is probable it is prelude.
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