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Lin Shusen grows the talk on congress in industry of travel of the 3rd Guizhou
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Today, we are held ceremoniously here " industry of travel of the 3rd Guizhou grows congress " . Between depressed green hill and purl, experienced the village of former zoology nation of 300 years of vicissitudes of life- - " on the west Miao Zhai of Jiang Qian door " greet the expensive visitor that comes from far and near, I represent government of people of provincial Party committee of Guizhou of the Communist Party of China, Guizhou Province to express warm reception to everybody's presence sincerely, right in the center of concern with the country mix to the support of Guizhou since the branch is long-term the help expresses cordial acknowledgment!
Tourism is the property that current world is developing quickly, also be the green industry with established people and smokeless industry. Developing tourism energetically is me civilization of province construction zoology, accelerate implementation economic society progress is historic the inevitable choice that span. Since reforming and opening especially in last few years since, complete province tourism presents a good development the look of things, travel number and travel income grow more quickly continuously, tourism consolidates increasingly in the bibcock position in serving industry. But get many sided factor restrict, I save tourism to still lie the primary level of development, save area city photograph to have very big difference than returning with circumjacent brother. Below such setting, accelerate travel to grow pace, raise tourism to develop quality, must insist to be all to get with scientific progress view, drop the demand that reflects construction zoology culture, set out actually from oneself, draw the experience that tourism of area of other go ahead of the rest develops and lesson, walk along to be with the person this, the way that the tourism that can develop continuously develops, realize what I save tourism to span type development and the latercomers surpass the formers. Congress of this brigade hair is the theme certainly " harmony of construction zoology civilization, development travels " , accord with me completely to save the way that tourism develops.
Scene of Guizhou southeast city elegant, people is numerous, forest of entire administrative division is enclothed rate achieve 62.78% , more average than complete province level is 22 high percent above, rank first what save land of nine city state completely; Miao Zu and population of the Dong nationality occupy total population of countrywide Miao Zu and the Dong nationality respectively 1/3 with half above, 81.9% what minority population occupies entire state total population, rank first of autonomous prefecture of 30 minority of countrywide; Already announced in the country two period in immaterial culture bequest, entire administrative division has 39 53 protection feature, rank after Suzhou is resided in land of countrywide city state 2. As each respect infrastructure ceaseless and perfect, especially as pass through of project of two of the Guiyang join Guangzhou of south of Guizhou southeast city swift passages carry out, the distinct advantage of tourism of progress of Guizhou southeast city will be highlighted increasingly come out. Want to plan scientificly only, steady work, tourism is sure to develop the important pillar property that becomes Guizhou southeast state.
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