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Du Yili constructs the understanding that travel saves greatly and proposal to G
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Lin Shusen's governor of respect, comrades:
I represent national tourism bureau above all, on behalf of Shao Qi Director Wei thanks the Guizhou provincial Party committee, passion that saves a government to invite, develop congress to industry of travel of the 3rd Guizhou hold express cordial congratulation! Today, of beauty of autonomous prefecture of the Dong nationality of Miao Zu of southeast is in Guizhou stockaded village of seedling of Jiang Qian door holds industry of travel of the 3rd Guizhou to develop congress on the west, this is provincial Party committee province government is carried out implement scientific progress concept, advocate zoology civilization, bring the significant move that saves each force to drive tourism to develop quickly jointly completely into play, also be to drive society of complete province economy the comprehensive, harmonious, significant move that can develop continuously. In recent years, guizhou falls in the right leader of government of provincial Party committee, with " enrich the people promote Guizhou " for the target, with " grab seize opportunity, accelerate development " for the theme, emancipatory thought, overcome difficulty, each respect obtained economic society to be accomplished outstandingly. Among them the development phase of tourism especially delectable: Fluctuation understanding is unified, resource is effective and integrated; Develop science of train of thought, characteristic holds accurate; Local masses is benefited, the market is warming up; The tourism of Guizhou is rising quickly. These a few years, guizhou tourism is carrying the growth rate of 50% all the time, the growth range of far outclass whole nation; Especially this year, countrywide tourism is general be thwarted, but Guizhou overcame Xue Ning calamity and Sichuan the influence of earthquake of plain of short of Wenshui River, travel number rises 21% , travel income grows 36% , make one of the whole nation's best province. Can see, through effort of a few years, tourism is being become enrich the people the essential industry that promotes Guizhou; Guizhou is becoming Chinese tourism new the upland that rise abruptly; The product of culture of former zoology people of Guizhou and the travel development means that accord with Guizhou circumstance also are contributing unique value to the world.
Here, I should develop taking huge success to society of Guizhou Province economy, express to admire; To Guizhou provincial Party committee, province the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference of government of National People's Congress, province, province is mixed the science that saves each city, city, ground and departmental door to develop tourism completely is decision-making with active practice, want development study; To battlefront of Guizhou Province travel the indefatigable effort of broad cadre worker is mixed the job of creativity, pay tribute! Take the opportunity, I am brief circumstance of introductory China tourism, raise bit of immature proposal to Guizhou tourism, consult for comrades.
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