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Golden week brigade wanders " hot " rear
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This year " 11 " the golden week is first after new holiday system is executed long holiday. "Olympic Games aftereffect " much dot is released, the Olympic Games holds a city a batch of new tourist attractions appear " blowout " prices; City of extensive long triangle group travel provides embryonic form at the beginning of cooperative frame, area collaboration is greeted " the times that be the same as a city " ; The means of go on a journey of people with each passing day diversification and in a popular style, drive go on a journey, regression oneself natural, health is off become fashion gradually... after holiday system is reformed, how to get used to the change of public travel concept, conduct people reason go on a tour better, health of stimulative holiday economy develops, make the real task that just seeking solution each together.

"11 " the golden week rings down the curtain smoothly " Olympic Games aftereffect " much dot is released

■ did not appear large-scale tourist stops phenomenon

■ area of 119 travel scene (dot) inside body year after year first domestic You Gaofeng

■ holiday of creation golden week swims of odd-numbered days amplitude most

■ holiday spending shows diversification and trend of in a popular style

■ the thematic travel such as gules travel is extensive accept favour

■ go to Hong Kong and Taiwan to make holiday travel new window

5 days are golden week the last day, do according to countrywide holiday release 2008 " 11 " Information Circular of the 7th travel shows the golden week, "11 " the golden week ends smoothly. The tourist centers return, did not appear large-scale tourist stops phenomenon. Up to 18 when, the whole nation brings into dot of area of situation of 119 when monitor straight newspapers to welcome a visitor in all 1.239 million person-time, than yesterday fall after a rise 43.5% , than last year the corresponding period grows 13.2% , income grows 5.4% compared to the same period.
Holiday of 5 days of whole nations does receive report of travel safety accident 1 case. On October 4 afternoon, 2 tourists in the tourism group that travel agent of international of Guangdong province worker organizes celebrate island of city inkstone city to be not natant area do sth without authorization to enter the water in cause swim be missing, still did not find up to now. Cause celebrates city tourism bureau to reach concerned branch to already organized force to begin the further work that rescue.
This year " 11 " market of travel of golden week holiday is formed first domestic travel height. This year " 11 " the area of 119 travel scene that statistic of countrywide holiday travel brings into to forecast a system during the golden week (dot) welcome a visitor in all eighteen million two hundred and ninety-one thousand person-time, grow 13.2% compared to the same period, entrance ticket income grows 16.4% compared to the same period.
This year " 11 " during, rule of dweller go on a journey produces apparent change. After travel height compares this second holiday to be delayed before two days appear, after number of before growing a holiday two days of go on a journey declines considerably compared to the same period, form a height quickly to the 4th day, compared to the same period amplitude is as high as 33.42% , those who created amplitude of odd-numbered days of travel of golden week holiday most.
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