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Unscramble the recreational state of mind of 6 big cities
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Chengdu, Hangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Shenzhen, what distinguishing feature does the recreational state of mind of these 6 cities, recreational means have each? On the world recreational plenary session yesterday, approach of head of department of science of recreational education research center makes the same score Zhejiang university Asia-Pacific, shared his research result together with everybody.

Chengdu person
Believe in " common after all " happy philosophy
To the life, the word that uses Chengdu person is: The day is water, oneself are a fish, swimming to go is.
Their recreational means is generalized to be: Hit a small mahjong, have a hemp hot boiling water, fry a broken bits broken bits, see a crooked kinescope; Additionally make tea house is mixed chat, also be indispensable.
The happy philosophy that Chengdu person formed him -- common after all. Although Chengdu person is in inland, in one's heart is as coastal as mediterranean however the characteristic of urban crowd is very similar: Like old familial formula social life, very lively, fresh, exciting thing, enthusiastic and bold and unrestrained, lax in discipline, chang Le of content with one's lot... of Chengdu person " idle " gave a name.

Hangzhou person
Face a west lake, face oneself, face a family
Observe the life of Hangzhou person, 3 face basically: Face a west lake, face oneself, face a family.
In Hangzhou person eye, person of west lake, Hangzhou, Hangzhou is Trinitarian, be short of one cannot, the west lake is the dress that Hangzhou person wears, the fine face that should see Hangzhou person is about to say to like his this body to spend the dress. Face oneself, hangzhou person likes to amuse oneself, always do not forget satisfy oneself. They are more mad when play, the world is the most leisurely and comfortable, happy should belong to Hangzhou person also. Double cease day, the place that Hangzhou person goes playing has wind of courtyard of 9 brooks, music to carry on one's shoulder or back of what, a few family are hit by wind of catch a cold double buckle, 3 buckle one, rub mahjong, indefatigable, happy amid.
Face a family, hangzhou person takes old master period " parents is in, do not travel faraway " traditional.

Peking Man
How to do " have a group " how to do
The lifestyle of Peking Man, almost all without exception contains " big " flavour: Do a major issue, mouth-filling, tell great truth, discuss big question, chat repeatedly, also cry " Kan big hill " , drink tea to be doted on " big bowl tea " . They are small to dozens small be troubled by disinclination, do not look to go up to small model galley proof eye, yearning is to become " big wrist " , " big money " , had better be of course " magnifico " . Seek son's wife repeatedly, also like not quite " small jasper " of type. As to drink beer, must talk more of course " plunge into " .
Peking Man is on the life cultured is not us normally so called " life quality " , however " portion " and " clique " . How to do " have a group " , can " unplug portion " , how are they done.
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