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High-grade hotel cries " dozen fold " economy hotel raises price instead
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Be opposite can be the main chance these two days nearly most for the customer that picks high-grade hotel, mr Zhang of Ning Bo 3 Lai Shaoxing are driven oneself swim, think economy hotel originally, can hit a phone to just know at full strength, be informed many astral class hotels hitting fold, the 7 values that lose are in final up to a high-grade hotel stays in the urban district fell. These days, it is astral class hotel is being hit at the same time fold, across is economy hotel rises in price generally however, this is become this year " 11 " the one big characteristic of market of golden week spending. Convert into money of frequency of high-grade hotel guest room " 11 " between long holiday, high-grade hotel of the urban district with international big public house, yuan renown wait for the delegate, hit in succession depreciate attractively privilege. Resemble international big public house, guest room of this paragraph of time hit the 8 privilege that lose in order to attract a customer. And leave yuan the name is more to the client " tribute " , the spot can order a room with the 5.5 values that lose. Though be not hit,carry on promotes restaurant fold, but card of the member that the client books peace conference through the network, still can enjoy certain privilege. And from the point of effective response, of these businessmen " sales promotion " it is results quite abundant. "Should say the result is right still. " the concerned personnel of international big public house tells a reporter, such depreciating extent still attracted many new old customers, so these days the sale situation of hotel guest room also is first-rate. And yuan renown the bark manager of sale ministry expresses, guest room regards a hotel as the big head of business, such doing also is to yield benefit. This not, many nonlocal tourists are driven oneself especially swim tourist, they chose under photograph comparing. Economy hotel carries valence and high-grade hotel generally to be hit eagerly folding those who form bright contrast is economy hotel. Yesterday reporter from the urban district " like the home " , " Na Yuan Home E " wait for economy hotel to understand, this " the golden week " economy hotel went up generally valence, nevertheless the business still is exceptionally good. "What economy hotel is short of is not passenger source however room. " concerned controller of an economy hotel tells the urban district the reporter, "The golden week " before half paragraphs of time their guest is in a steady stream ceaseless, do not have method to be able to recommend a guest to go to other place only occasionally. And such situation still is in " raise price " big setting. Allegedly, "The star of bright and beautiful river " went up from 169 original yuan 199 yuan, and " like the home " criterion from 199 yuan carried 60 yuan at a draught. "Like the home " concerned personage predicts, since tomorrow these economy hotel just can renew normal and original price. Allegedly, annual " 11 " it is such, this is head office arrangement. "Carry fall " each study knack of doing business one is to raise price, one is to depreciate, where is both difference? In fact, to divide a thick soup this " the golden week " guest room business, but these hotel guesthouse make way solicits a guest each. "As high-grade hotel, such doing is to attract more passenger source on one hand, also be to raise battalion to close to be led with accommodation to the hotel. " " leave yuan renown " bark manager this word is very honest. He thinks, both passenger source structure is different, high-grade hotel even if made case of convert into money also nearly 1 times of tower above economy hotel, bilateral management fixed position is different. Carry on promotes the concerned controller of restaurant to also express self-identity to this one view. She discloses, to guesthouse hotel, be in " the golden week " what often go after is to be entered rate. Economy hotel demands exceeds supply to carry valence to also be in reason appropriately, and the privilege of high-grade hotel, it is to cater to one part economy model consume a group, attract the passenger source of estate of more labour firewood especially. To this, "Like the home " concerned personage thinks, at present business affairs hotel is taking masses line, but room equipment can be rivalled with astral class hotel actually, so these days all the time " full house " . And high-grade hotel so do, gas earning a person also is an element, after all the hotel still has the recreational and outspread project such as recreation, fitness. Origin: Network of Chinese industry research

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