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Manpower resource runs the informatization application in hotel industry
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Informatization times has come, the swift and violent development of computer technology and Internet technology already made the management kind of the enterprise happened substantially change. As main service type business, the administrative pattern of hotel industry happened below network environment more of nature change, this changed to also produce major effect to manpower resource management and development. Some closer year come, hotel estate company (include hotel, cafeteria to wait) growth of amount, dimensions is very rapid, especially in guesthouse of high-grade star class, should consume the promotion of the concept as the growth of travel economy, average per capita more, and of standard of living of average per capita rise and be able to develop adequately, this causes hotel estate company taller and taller to employee amount and quality requirement. How to seek right talented person for hotel estate company, and tarry talent, development talented person, retain driving vitality and competition ability for the organization, provide strong manpower support, already made the main task that administrator of high level of hotel estate company and manpower resource branch face. Technological process of traditional human affairs government makes the manpower resource branch of hotel estate company needs to cost many time to process data of human affairs information, only remnant a few time is dedicated the development at manpower resource and program. And the administrative system of informatization can help hotel estate company effectively reduce administrative cost, improve administrative efficiency. The modern society that mode develops quickly runs in manpower resource, if powerful manpower resource runs neither one system, manpower resource branch will not face much information leisurely, also cannot come out extraction of among them important information effectively, make accordingly judgement and processing. Hotel industry of business management layer decision-making can according to a few simple report forms, using up a large number of manpower, material resources while cannot accomplish real time monitoring however, assure the accuracy of data and seasonable sex hard, cannot satisfy restaurant management layer to ask higher to what manpower resource branch puts forward more. So, what is manpower resource informatization? Say from narrow sense, manpower resource informatization is to point to those who be based on Internet, the manpower resource of high automation supervises the work, include most the flow of manpower resource work of core, if invite applications for a job, firewood proposes a toast,manage, groom etc. Say from broad sense, manpower resource informatization is the total that all electrons that are based on concept of electronic business affairs spend manpower resource to supervise the work, include to use company in-house net and other electron method, the manpower resource that waits like employee call center supervises the work. Management of manpower resource informatization is the result that management of resource of traditional labor power and photograph of contemporary network technology combine, use most extensive, development at present most rapid is a network invite applications for a job and online groom. In addition, still the electron changes service of self-help of personnel file management, employee, firewood to propose a toast management, performance management, profession develops a program to wait. Specific content includes: 1. Interview of analysis of network invite applications for a job, online post, electron and online evaluation configuration of present talent resource market, already from in the past ad is made in news media, face-to-face negotiate wait for traditional pattern, change have the aid of to the development of high-tech, the process of invite applications for a job of informatization realized the network of talent supply and demand, improved work efficiency greatly. Hotel estate company can recruit all sorts of outstanding talented people every year through all sorts of means, among them Internet invite applications for a job is an important step. After the industry that needs staff of invite applications for a job needs to release information of invite applications for a job website of invite applications for a job only, receive an electron to apply for a data directly, can enter resume automatically to handle flow. Branches of such natural resources of one bearer power saved the time that handles resume in great quantities, improved work efficiency. Current, the invite applications for a job on the net already showed vast power, the dominant position with network the largest invite applications for a job is speed fast, efficiency is tall, and cost is low, enclothe wide, information to retain time long, force is large. Job of invite applications for a job should be analysed from position demand analysis, job, of position manual make begin, wait for a process through primary election, interview, assessment, a series of government till the library of new employee file that enters restaurant to personnel take sb on the staff work. Melt into of manpower resource information offerred a possibility now actually. 2. Online groom and groom the another that management of informatization of resource of administrative labor power offers the function is online groom. What with the network fictitious institute is platform is online groom make employee grooms the process that makes real time, full-time, of hotel estate company groom cost will be reduced greatly. Restaurant is OK will groom course is released on the network, the employee that lays each district is shared, employee all can ask to choose specific aim course to undertake study according to oneself, study of ego of form member labour, ego management, ego grooms incentively system. Groom course gives completely after the network comes true, the manpower resource branch of hotel estate company from groom trivally liberate in the job come out to consider and be forecasted, analysis, make those who plan tomorrow groom program, with corresponding executive plan, to grooming achievement undertakes effective analysis. 3. Online performance evaluates performance to assess is from ultimate society benefit sets out, undertake be evaluatinged objectively to the size stand or fall of talent gain, examine to forecasting a result to give at the same time. Rely on effective manpower resource to manage systematic help, assessment has made the work of a daily sex, promoted company strategy effectively fulfil. The value that this system brings an organization the role is, system of resource of manpower of CEO have the aid of makes the strategy is fulfilled effectively, if the company is very for instance big, in the whole nation even the whole world sets a branch, how can you just pass on the strategic goal of the enterprise so? Linear manager can drive business to look elevation effect is reached through this system; HR carries a variety of communication kind such as short message, job shedding and mail, can wait for the service that provides more efficient major for CEO, linear manager; Employee also can obtain the manpower resource with high quality more to serve through manpower resource system. Manpower resource informatization realized online performance to evaluate, controller can see the working report that subordinate submits regularly very quickly, undertake supervisory, directive, criticize report of make allowance for. Online evaluate what the job can in time type employee to evaluate a data, make effective analysis report, help controller next decision-making. 4. The ultimate goal that resource of manpower of manpower resource program plans is to should make enterprise and employee get long-term benefit. Manpower resource program is the plan that faces a company not only, also be the plan that faces employee. The development of the development of the enterprise and employee is to be relied on each other, the relation that promotes each other. If considered the development need of the enterprise only, and the development that ignored employee, meet those who caustic enterprise develops a target reach. Accordingly, outstanding manpower resource plans, it is the plan that can make enterprise and employee get long-term benefit certainly, it is the plan that can make enterprise and staff grow jointly certainly. In hotel industry, a restaurant designs framework of what kind of organization, why is invite applications for a job planted employee, how effective invite applications for a job, how to manage the member that evaluate restaurant to be versed in, adopt what kind of groom means, how designing competitive firewood reward system is tarry first-class staff, it is very popular and main topic, these jobs got optimizing installing in the manpower endowment source control in informatization. 5. Offerring employee self-help to serve Internet is the good platform that provides news service. Hotel estate company can use Internet and system of management of resource of company labor power to be offerred for employee inquire a changed service. Employee can be through accredit inside limits of restaurant interior net information of resource of manpower of real time visit perhaps shares labor power in resource government process, permit employee online examine restaurant compensation mixes pertinent information, individual that month welfare of compensation history, individual accumulates check on work attendance of circumstance, individual off circumstance. Employee also can be mixed through in-house network and manpower resource branch undertakes communication, submit all sorts of application for example, change individual information to wait. In addition, contract of information of the member that management of manpower resource informatization still can have a person, check on work attendance, labor, employee leaves his post off, work overtime, be away on official business, the management such as material benefits of inquiry, pay, finished resource of traditional labor power to manage a method to not have send finished job, improved efficiency, reduced cost. Anyhow, the sufficient, rational application of manpower resource informatization, run the interior that accelerates hotel estate company standardization course, for the development add fuel to the fire of restaurant already aid. Origin: Chinese restaurant net

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