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Of handler and employee human communicate
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Speak of to manage, a lot of handler think of a system, establish detailed standard, hope book this " net " live employee, so that they " consecratory " more " painstaking effort " . If gave what exception event now, the first reacts even if he got administrative chance, instantly behavior is to edit piece " better " run measure. Result, nice government led to our flatter oneself to be more numerous " betray " , the faithfulness of employee " handcuffs " it is besides the system, the heart of employee is further and further from us, final loss is opposite " human nature " in hypothesis. Actually, not be a system bad, however to employee, besides the cooperation on the job, the life that we answer to know his individual morely... is his birthday when? What does his hobby have? The psychology of these his behavior former by what be? ... the individual archives that needs to build to be good at him. If you think that is the thing of human affairs branch merely, probably you are not a competent leader. 1, the life that you should walk into him, is not the job that he enters you. You need periodic a visit to the parents or schoolchildren or young workers and the connection that keep certain with his close friends, will abound the understanding to him with this. That is to say he what you know is far vividder than the outside and the inside of invite applications for a job, figure, the number that is him even is decuple. You are right perhaps his a few interesting order things familiar to the ear can detailed. You can know him clearly tomorrow, an acquired, month hind, after a year, more long-term even plan, resemble analysing your market, analyse the demand that he studies like your consumer, realise oneself inadequacy. 2, to a few employee, you should look for a friend to them in the enterprise, perhaps written guarantee two pairs side is helped up, is not him " kick " outside going out, make him additional seek tall. Want to be good at managing enterprise Central Africa to be organized formally, let these members find the need of attributive, self-respect or self-fulfilment, cherish informal organization grow, will guide it with company culture. Ancient time has two marshal, with rigorous and celebrated, with " free " celebrated, camp of former travel arms has slashing art of composition, latter camp pace blast never fortify, but latter never takes lost battle, same hundreds respond to a single call. That is to say, want to be able to use the power of the group, release the subjective activity of everybody. 3, the professional management that shares employee. Not be to say you the apiration of oneself or an enterprise forces he, respect him however " wish scene " , with oneself or the story beside teach by personal example as well as verbal instrution, had become him " coach " and " adviser " . And, you should show the development strategy of the enterprise or way to him, no matter be chart or image is full of fun and temptation, let him feel him is important next, a lot of people look at him with the look of expectation, want to assist him to give him a fixed position then, the development that protocol comparatives plans, the target enterprise and individual is integrated finally, shunt excitation encourage he tries hard enterprising. 4, say some " intimate word " . Is stuff willing to show intention to your calm? Does your communication exceed a hour? You how long once " is deepness collected talk " ? He has difficulty, is the first person that pour out you? ... anyhow, handler needs introspection, need to adjust oneself communication strategy. So, it is what reason invites a manager after all people is constrained the collaboration on the job, and do not make more thorough " stand by " ? Such A, take time are arduous. Average handler time always is very precious, the task that comes from working respect has let Lv of exhaust of its exhaust essence. How " stand by " take time of politic loaded down with trivial details, do not have the case that clear presentation of ideals in a piece of writing may draw lessons from again. It is sometimes do not go paying attention to or little care is still good, touch increase a lot of trouble instead. B, show effect period to grow. The job of this respect always cannot get effect instantly, and pay close attention to to boss " percent " benefit is not apparent. Such, a few husband are not close more taste stop, also some joke that make a the pot calls the kettle black. C, distance is beautiful. This may be constant some excuse. On one hand, cross thorough contact with employee, fear him effect " temperament and glamour aureola " , operated " authoritative figure " , on one hand, be afraid of associate with from close, have the ill will of experience person privacy. But, as the arrival of information society, employee hopes to cast off office to reach those who run system to manacle more and more, have a comfortable and easy long-range work environment, but at the same time, handler gives the consideration that waits for many sided element at enterprise benefit, hope again " clench employee " , such, handler besides innovatory idea, figure of give somebody a new lease on life while, only from " soft " be in a hand, cogent research and employee are individual " the service is apart from " . Implementation " equidistant and have rich flexibility " dialog, just be opposite at new period aptly reform requirement of management. Accordingly, need notes following problems now: 1, the weakness that does not use employee, if you did not understand his weak point, but the weakness that cannot exploit him; You should cherish it, give him time and space, coach he grows. More cannot with sarcastic or not the attitude of night goes facing. 2, what you worry no less than, be in " face-to-face " while, cannot interfere his privacy too much. If the hidden trouble that you think this kind of his lifestyle can bring the job to go up, you need decent to solve. 3, place of above paragraphs of no less than is narrated, you should give bearing of your words and deeds a measure, such, the business personnel that if you are in,assesses you the service to the client is same, this meeting magnanimity you are dedicated and whether kiss and. 4, change " earth up less in order to teach era Yo, much example " mode. Finally, you should give everybody a piece of list, let employee answer following questions: The expectation that I know ⑴ to work to mine. I am in ⑵ organic meeting has been done everyday in the job most the thing that is good at doing. A week before ⑶ is working, I make scene because of labour and be commended and praise. My boss or leader care ⑷ my individual circumstance. ⑸ I encourage me to develop in the somebody in the job. ⑹ is in half an year, somebody mentions my progress with me. ⑺ my opinion is taken seriously. ⑻ has my best friend in my colleague. ⑼ in this year, I have the opportunity learns and grow. I feel ⑽ my job is very main. Origin: Professional meal net

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