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In hotel manpower resource head ask system of job responsibility
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Employee satisfaction is one of main goals that manpower resource manages. Hotel staff should be engaged in working to customer service Wu everyday, their service consciousness is stronger, more to the perception of the service, when also hoping in its debus serves a part more, can get same society serves. If the hotel is in,execute in employee service " double standard " , cause the psychological unbalance of employee very easily, affect its satisfaction to spend consequently. Accordingly, the hotel introduces to serve a concept in interiorly management, it is the beneficial attempt that raises employee satisfaction to spend. Head ask system of job responsibility is to point to head ask responsibility the person must use up him to be able to give guest to offer optimal the service with satisfaction, till the issue is last,be solved or offer the responsibility of clear answer the system. "You go to this problem ask manpower resource the department! " this is the word that hotel foreman often says to employee. The new policy that comes on stage to restaurant when employee, new measure, new administration decides or the problem of the respect such as firewood fulfil, welfare is when doubt or doubtful point, what think of above all is ask ask to foreman, and this kind of answer of foreman gives employee a kind of shuffle, chill, sense that he is not taken seriously. This reflects the administrative issue that gives a lot of deep arrangement among them. The first, foreman is decision-making to restaurant do not understand bring about directly decision-making executive deviation. If foreman cannot answer the question of employee, the news channel that shows a public house is not expedite, decision-making spirit fails to carry out executive terminal, this is the main reason that affects executive force, should try to solve. The 2nd, the shuffle of foreman goes against the construction of efficient group. The question that stuff place asks normally related to personal interest, if foreman asks to its ask gives shuffle refuses even, employee can think foreman lacks care and help to oneself. Be in especially " individual character service, person manages originally " below business background, can cause its unsatisfactory more, affect both and good coordination relationship thereby. The 3rd, the shuffle of foreman is easy bring about the communication blind area, member that cut down to be versed in self-identity feels. If the doubt of employee or doubtful point cannot from foreman here is obtained solve, do not have because of a variety of reasons again to more the problem that on one class asks ask and makes affect personal interest is laid aside, as time passes will be cut down greatly to the self-identity of whole business management. This is good decision-making carry out the account that changes employee to complain however finally. The hotel is executed in serving to guest head ask system of job responsibility, advocate " the service arrives till me " , also should abide by in interiorly management " administrator should serve for employee " principle, use up oneself the service that can provide satisfaction for employee and answer. If build,give priority to body with foreman head ask responsibility the system, enlightened employee seeks advice linear, hold activity of staff inquiry day to wait, let employee see administrator can be obtained for its faster more the serves place to make effort of actor, promote its satisfaction to spend. Origin: Optimal and Oriental

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