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Pay close attention to the psychological income of employee
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Contemporary company how the one catastrophe problem that incentive employee became controller to be faced with, and firewood fulfil serves as a kind of the mainest incentive tool, have crucial effect to arousing the enthusiasm of employee. However when at present the manpower resource controller of a lot of enterprises is designing the firewood reward system of enterprise interior, often pay attention to the corporeal pay such as the economic income of employee only, and the psychological pay that disregarded stuff, although gave employee very tall pay treatment,cause a company finally, but employee loyalty is spent, satisfaction is spent not tall still, serious find new job even.

What is the psychological income of employee? Tell from the angle of broad sense, firewood reward is constituted by two kinds of not congenial content, include economic pay and blame economy pay. Economy pay, it is the pay that all sorts of the salary that shows the enterprise pays employee, bonus, allowance and welfare substandard are in; Pay of economy of and rather than, basically include working safeguard, identity to indicate, the job that gives employee richer challenge sex, rising, right of outstanding work success admit, groom opportunity, stretch working hours and advantageous office condition, it is a kind of immanent pay. The psychological income of employee is to show employee individual reachs its job itself to be experienced in a kind of mentally to the enterprise, belong to the limits that is not socioeconomic pay. Employee works hard through his the gotten psychological income that is not socioeconomic award to belong to employee, this kind of award can be divided again for professional sex award and sociality are rewarded. Professional sex rewards can fractionize is: Environment of development of professional safety, ego, harmonious work and human relation, rising opportunity is waited a moment; And sociality award is symbolized by the position, praise feeling of affirmative, honorary, achievement to wait for an element to form.
Indeed, the corporeal pay to employee is in the enterprise to go up somehow, very good to arriving since employee inside certain limits prompt action. People lives to maintain and better material lives, working for money really, but they more for the value of life job. In fact, they hope to be able to develop their the greatest potential through the job, make oneself ability gets be shown adequately and acknowledgement, reflect the value of oneself from inside their every time success. They long to get from inside the job fun is mixed enjoy, is to earn more wage not merely.

Ignore the business of this fact, regard employee as " monetary slave " , it is to boodling actually its employee, the faithfulness employee is spent and consecratory spirit obliterates almost to use up gradually, the enterprise will pay heavy price for this. Review a few more current preeminent company, their salary standard perhaps is not highest, but attract tarry however a lot of outstanding talented people that they need, the reason is these preeminent companies besides giving employee economy income pay, space of value of the esteem that still satisfied employee to be experienced in working process, friendship, consideration, individual and obtained study opportunity, development.
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