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4 elements affect employee passion
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Without doubt, any enterprise hopes to have the stuff that is full of passion, where does the passion that the problem is employee come from? Somebody thinks the passion of employee is inherent, the key that should have passionate stuff so depends on choose be full of passionate employee; Somebody thinks the passion of employee is acquired education, it is the cause that adopts contented employee go after and obtain. The author thinks, with respect to working enthusiasm character, should the heart that neither a priori takes, also be not the result of acquired education, be aroused by specific element however and come. Although wait for the influence of the element as a result of genetic, education, environment, there is individual character undoubtedly between person and person the feature pledges compatibly the difference that waits for each respect, but these difference can't decide whether someone is full of working enthusiasm, their at best can fall in specific situation and condition, the expressional form of the easy degree that is aroused to individual work enthusiasm and passion produces certain effect. Because if passion is inherent, the person that has intense emotion should passion is full of the for love or money, actually, same a person, the under certain circumstance is met passionate break out, meet however below another circumstances inactive and decadent. Perhaps more people are willing to believe passion can be fostered, because only passion can be fostered, management just may serve as somewhat, more groups also talent is promising. OK and affirmative is, working enthusiasm will be obtained the day after tomorrow, and be wait for an element with environment of working itself, work closely related, but with " education " this word appears improper. The person's interest can be risen by education, even the person's enthusiasm also can be fostered slowly, but passion (if create passion) it is a kind of intense and excited affection, it is one kind is given out the affection that come by the intense spurt after specific stimulation, so, working enthusiasm is be aroused is not foster. The element that can arouse employee passion basically has the following sides: It is the leader's passion and character charm. One does not have passion but the staff that the leader of character brings rich passion impossibly, this is self-evident. What should emphasize particularly here is character charm of the leader. Managing more is the resource that support content expends (the authority of rewards and punishment that gifts like person, money, content, information and constituent place) , the resource that leads oneself of leader of main support (glamour of case of humanness of a general designation of our for the moment) . It is under management, employee more it is obedient consciousness, must make sure lowermost limit finishs task ability to obtain basic safeguard, ability to avoid likely penalty; It is under the leader, employee is the be convinced that stems from pair of leaders, admire, have deep love for wait and the follow of voluntarily, desirous utmost ground telesis, alleged person the person that it is a bosom friend should be to death among them the expression of a kind of extreme. The 2 company culture that are rich passion. Outstanding company culture has strong influence and impel power to employee, can improve the sentiment of employee of the happy index of employee, feeling that releases employee, promotion, can enhance the professional sense of responsibility of employee and sense of pride. Accordingly, should struggle with the enterprise what can reach is collective wish the working passion that the scientific and scene, reasonable incentive mechanism, job that fills a challenge and fair and reasonable chance arouse employee and vigorous fight. The 3 groups that are rich passion (group) . A working group that is full of passion (group) can be affected and affect a group (group) every medium member (take employee newly especially) . 4 be clarity, struggle the career foreground that can reach. Can making a career one time also is a when arouse employee passion main factor, this needs the development passageway of clear development perspective, unobstructed not only, and need gives aid to accordingly and incentive. Notable is, once arouse,the passion of employee is not but get sth done once and for ever, when passion is aroused, upsurge exceedingly, but once excitation element is lost or change, passion also can disappear subsequently, and same excitation the element has persistent excitation force very hard also. Accordingly, maintain be aroused continuously and search ceaselessly inspiring a place newly is the key that arouses employee passion. In light of the angle that manages from manpower resource, it is choose and employ are full of passion to go above all simple stuff is arranged go up in the post that can arouse its passion effectively; It is the company culture that exert oneself makes rich passion next; It is to establish the group that cultivates rich passion again; Finally is to build with perfect science reasonable drive is mixed arouse a mechanism, inspire the working enthusiasm of employee and vigorous fight continuously. Origin: Professional meal net

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