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Firewood proposes a toast the design goes by the pace
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The point that firewood fulfil designs, depend on having fair sex internally, have competition ability external. Build ' have fair sex internally, have competition ability external ' firewood reward system, it is current the urgent affairs of managers of a lot of company human affairs and general manager. The firewood reward system that should design reasonable science and firewood reward system, want to experience the following measure commonly:

The first pace: Position analysis
Position analyses the foundation that is affirmatory firewood fulfil. Combinative company manages an end, company management layer should be on business analysis and the foundation that personnel analyses, clear branch function and position affect, manpower resource ministry and collaboration of departmental door person in charge write position manual.

  The 2nd pace: Position evaluation
Position is evaluated (position is evaluated) solving firewood fulfil again internally fair sex problem. It has two objectives, it is to compare enterprise interior the relative value of each position, reach position grade alignment; 2 it is the position that consolidates to undertake firewood proposes a toast investigation is built evaluates a standard, eliminate differ as a result of position name between different company, or although position title is same but the position difficulty that different place causes real work requirement and working content difference, make be had between different position can compare a gender, to ensure the fair sex of salary lays a foundation. It is the natural result that position analyses, it is a basis with position manual again at the same time.

  The 3rd pace: Firewood fulfil is investigated
Firewood proposes a toast investigation is solving firewood to propose a toast again external competition ability problem. The enterprise is when affirmatory salary standard, need the wage level of referenced labour market. The object that firewood fulfil investigates, had better be the similar company of the company that chooses to with oneself competition concerns or course of study of person of the same trade, the key considers the whereaboutldirection of prediction of a person's luck in a given year of employee and source of invite applications for a job. The data that firewood fulfil investigates, should have on the position firewood of contrast of structure of fulfil of the compensation growth state of year, different firewood, different position and different level is state of fulfil data, bonus and welfare, long-term incentive measure and prospective firewood fulfil walk along situation analysis to wait.

The 4th pace: Firewood fulfil locates
After the firewood fulfil data that is the same as an industry in the analysis, what need does is a basis company condition chooses different firewood fulfil level. Firewood fulfil is rigid, fall firewood is almost impossible, once the market prospect of the enterprise is bad, will make the measure keeping a person of the enterprise becomes difficult.
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