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Hotel staff grooms complete set
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Groom object hotel faculty

Groom purpose: Improve the quality of hotel faculty, provide excellent service for the guest
Groom point: Employee serves knowledge
Employee from industry capacity
Employee from idea of course of study
Employee from psychology of course of study

The primary quality of hotel staff includes thought quality, business quality, psychology quality to wait for a respect. In day-to-day hotel work, can the respect such as the service ability of the hotel service knowledge that its specific melt into abounds, adapt oneself to changing circumstances and enthusiastic and considerate attitude of attending to guests.
One, employee serves knowledge
Hotel service knowledge is all sorts of concerns with the service information total that hotel staff serves to be offerred better and ought to know. Mastering a hotel to serve knowledge is a hotel each job is able to begin most the thing of fundamental sex, go up in the basis that understood substantial knowledge only, ability provides excellent service smoothly to the guest.
1. understanding abounds the function that serves knowledge
(1) increases the competence of the service, reduce the accident in the service
The service knowledge that if wine counterjumper is versed in can skilled ground masters him,is in post, can serve middle reaches blade in what be a guest superabundant, tuo Tie is considerate. Otherwise incidental accident, cause the guest's dissatisfaction.
(What 2) adds a service is convenient quality, labour is opposite the member that raise a public house the guest's work efficiency
Substantial knowledge can make serve blurt out and come, conveniently and come, the service that makes guest place needs can get adroitly be offerringed well and truly. And hotel also can because of efficiency great rise to provide more considerate service for more guests.
(3) reduces hotel staff the uncertainty in providing a service
The rich inaccuracy in serving knowledge to be able to eliminate a service greatly decides a respect, make hotel staff has specific aim more in the service thereby, reduce accident rate.
(4) reduces the uncertainty that the guest understands to environmental condition
If hotel staff can compare the information of the respect such as the liaison man that introduces place familiarly to the guest, travel, food, make the guest has a clearer knowledge to located environment, the guest spends nature to be able to increase to the satisfaction of the hotel.
Knowledge of 2. employee service grooms content
(1) hotel and hotel are located fundamental condition of the environment
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