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Can ignore anything but when interview " impressional cent "
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"What dress should wear when interview? " " need not to need to make up? " " was I caught send meeting influence to apply for a job? " a lot of female undergraduates pass hot line of to apply for a job, an outfit when advisory interview and formal problem. Modest of Liu of division of resources of manpower of Shandong talent net expresses, applicant must handle better detail issue when interview, strive for more as far as possible a few " impression is divided " . He thinks, above all to apply for a job person should notice appearance. Will tell to the student, the most important is 4 words: Clean, neat. Clean, want a hair namely above all orderly, the bang before having do not let a hair obscure as far as possible eye, side hair does not hold off ear, can appear intelligent and capable so. Again, the schoolgirl is not caught as far as possible hair, some companies and mechanism pay attention to a village to expert again, individual character does not allow beyond the mark make public. In addition, must not make up thick, basic form of the student is simple and easy, should not go after flowery. Next, want to notice appearance bearings. This also can try to generalize with 4 words, that experts naturally namely, give a person easily a kind of inexperienced and ignorant sense cringingly. In addition, want to notice detail adequately when interview, look for instance when taking an examination of an official, should sweep equably move, cannot see only, and be apart from differ, the position that sees a person also should different; From take an examination of an official 3 meters of or so eye want downy, time also cannot grow too; The 2/3 before the buttock wants those who sit in bench is in, conduce to adjust breath and expression. Finally, should notice to install Ying Zhuang heavy, simple, decent, had better wear professional clothing. To be for school student, must not wear what fashionable dress, name tag, but must clean and neat. Wear of course fit the requirement that still should consider different position, apply for public relations position to be about to notice the vogue of dress appropriately for example, and apply for article secret, money conference position answer a few simpler. If you are,one is in the female undergraduate of to apply for a job, if you have what doubt or bewilderment in obtain employment respect, might as well tell us, it is difficult that we will invite concerned expert to discharge care to solve for you. In addition, if you are opposite,experience, also might as well tell us, let others draw experience and lesson from inside suggest or be experienced your. Origin: Network of Chinese industry research

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