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Are you brand-new to how does station job undertake? How do you understand " post " ? Is the post that applies for like you made? What why handle a guest be like to complain? The subordinate that becomes you when is your job dissatisfactory, you this how? Want formulate duty standard for assorted? The employee be of one heart and one mind that how lets you has done floor work? Communicate the effect that has in the job? How to make subordinate obedient your working arrangement? Responsible to going up, responsible to falling, why should be in charge of to going up above all? Between foreman and employee what is distinguishing? The foreman care to employee dash forward now what respect? The working experience that is engaged in a hotel 10 years with me will judge, these examination questions are those who be aimed at personnel of hotel foreman above answer: The first problem is brand-new the job of post should begin from 4 respects: 1, the duty requirement that understands this post, 2, the character that analyses this station job and blemish, 3, the working ability that analyses co-worker and subordinate, 4, the basis makes working plan and policy afresh to the understanding of above content, the administrative outline of executive yourself. The 2nd problem: The post understands from the literal meaning of just as its name implies is duty and task. The obligation that you should fulfil must meaning that is to say seriously on the post in oneself and the task that should endeavor to finish and you want assumed responsibility. Problem of the 3rd problem is very obscure for the moment does not answer the 4th problem: Processing guest complains basically should follow two big principles: The requirement of the first contented guest that is the oldest rate, the 2nd it is the loss that the oldest rate reduces a hotel. The 5th problem: Cannot change an environment, change oneself. With sincere need a person, win the love and esteem of subordinate and support, increase oneself working capacity, develop oneself character charm, win the conviction of subordinate. The 6th problem: The goal that establishs duty standard has only, let the goal that when employee understands he is working, should achieve namely. The 7th problem: Control at 3 o'clock 1, assign working job on average, achieve fairness reasonable, 2, reasonable formulate bonus distributes program, accomplish an interest to share, 3, care and considerate subordinate, often lead one's men in an act assumes the tireddest god-given job actively. The 8th problem: Communicating is the so most effective that manage a resort, communicating is to lead to heaven to get golden key, be good at be being communicated so that controller can be in aeriform in dissolve contradiction, let the person is gotten to get solidarity in you cheek by jowl beside you all round, communicate can let you get subordinate to obtain credit, thereby precipitant, communicate can let you get a group to obtain fighting capacity and cohesive affinity. The 9th problem: Above all you should have surmount must judge ability and decision-making ability at subordinate, should let subordinate be convinced get each at you decision-making, the 21st want a bowl of Shui Duanping surely, cannot say turkey to one and bazzard to another, the 3rd it is better that the place in wanting to be able to point out subordinate is carrying out a process appears so that the problem mixes means of settlement. The 10th problem: Be in charge of getting premise to going up is we must be certain superior gets each decision-making it is from overall situation angle sets out, and under photograph comparing, what subordinate represents commonly is local interest, interest of collective of individual interest obedience. So we are responsible to superior above all. Eleventh problem: Foreman and employee get distinction to depend on foreman is the person that superintend and director guides, employee is executant, foreman is the person that control, employee is to accept control. Dozenth problem: Foreman gets a care to want body to live now not just to employee respect, and basically be to want body to help employee grow now most, care staff gets demand, for instance the want sue for peace on spirit gets an end on the career, foreman should help employee make feasible life aim, help employee grow quickly, this ability is the most commendable. Origin: Professional meal net

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