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Winter is very affordable travel tickets and hotel famous sharp reduction in
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Into December, Huangshan, Lushan Mountain, Emei Mountain, Jiuhuashan mountains have introduced preferential policies for winter tourism, ticket prices down, area hotels have begun off-season promotions, team travel, a decline of the free exercise of purchase into two or more. Winter Have cut prices in major mountain It is understood, Huangshan Dong You time is December 1, 2010 to February 28, 2011, during which TICKET PRICE down from the 230 to 150 yuan, 60 years old or older, students and other special groups, and by plane Huangshan Airport access by the domestic tourists, there are special discount tickets. Huangshan rope-way fares down by 80 yuan to 65 yuan, the mountain peak season hotel rates are also flat when compared with a relatively large discount. Starting from December 1, Lushan ticket price from 180 yuan to 135 yuan, January 2011, Alexander and foreign tourists into the 135 free tickets. Jiuhuashan from this month to all visitors and pilgrims perform off-season ticket prices into the mountains, down by the season of 190 yuan to 140 yuan. December 15 to January 14 next year, introduced a number of Mount Emei scenic winter tourism incentives, scenic spots, the price fell to 90 yuan from 150 yuan, from Golden Peak lifts and cableway ticket years respectively 120 and 110 uniform drop to 50. Jiuzhaigou has been implemented off-season prices, tick ets are only 80 million, the second time into the ditch just 20 yuan fee. Visitors laugh Travel agencies offer a substantial reduction Ctrip team travel, free exercise of purchase, this year in December and next January to the mountains of the cost is very high. For example, Ningbo departure, 2 nights sleeper Lushan 5, 1199 yuan from the team trip will receive a day spa Mu spree starting in January next year, 135 tickets can also be further reduced. Scenic tours and accommodation due to lower prices, the recent tour of Sichuan offer approaching 2,000. Starting Ningbo, Chengdu, Dujiangyan + + + Qingchengshan + Leshan Emeishan Hot Spring Tours 5 economic half, from 2,071 yuan this month, including a return air ticket, hotel accommodation, tickets for the five major scenic spots and the car, tour guides, restaurants, etc. . Xinjiang, Tibet and other domestic long-distance routes Dong You have substantial benefits. Tibet's most scenic half-price concessions are implemented, the implementation of free of charge Kanas in Xinjiang Tianshan Tianchi discount fares from 100 yuan to 40 yuan.