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Lu Business Group retail hotel and other industries to open up to invest in Tai
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The near future, we can see in Taiwan, Jinan, Ginza Shopping Plaza familiar. Shandong-Taiwan, held yesterday, business cooperation forum, Shandong Province, Commercial Group Co., Ltd. (Shandong Business Group), chairman of quarter-chi said text, the future, Lu Group's retail business, hotel, biochemical and pharmaceutical industries to Taiwan can be to open up Taiwan to invest. Currently, the Group's Lu Ginza retail business has been around many cities in Shandong, Hebei, Henan, there are a number of stores. Yee-quarter statement text in accordance with its national strategy have been planned, to Beijing and other cities in the national first-line shop plan has been put on the agenda. In fact, Lu Retail Business Group, Origin and Taiwan-funded long. Jinan and the surrounding cities all over the unity of Ginza convenience stores, is the Silver Plaza Co., Ltd. and Taiwan, President Chain Store Co., Ltd. joint venture in 2004. At present, a nearly uniform Ginza stores, located in Jinan city, Zhangqiu, Ji Yang, Changqing, and Taian, Zibo, Shandong ranks first in convenience chains. "Lu of Taiwan Business Group, will increase the intensity of the procurement of goods, ECFA (cross-strait economic cooperation framework agreement) come into force, will reduce procurement costs, Shandong-Taiwan enterprises in the larger context of cooperation, which is also conducive to expansion of Taiwan products in Shandong market share. "quarter Qi hope that Taiwan's creative text, animation, catering companies and other industries more closely with corporate butt Lu," held last year, a unified Ginza 'Taiwan Food Festival', is an example of Shandong to taste fruits and vegetables from Taiwan, folk snacks, health care products, beverage powder, delicious snacks and specialty food, Taiwanese food gradually open the market in Shandong. " "We also hope that Taiwan's enterprises to equity investment, strategic cooperation, enhance and direct investment, etc. Lu Lu Enterprise Business Group, co-operation." Quarter text Yee said.